8 Essential Magikarp Jump Tips

This page will collect the best tips for Pokemon: Magikarp Jump. Check back soon for even more tips and tricks! 

EditUpgrade Sandbag Slam Right Away

In town, you have the option to upgrade training regiments with Coins. At first, it only costs four Coins to upgrade the Sandbag Slam regiment by 20 JP. With just 17 coins, you can increase the amount of JP Gained up from 35 to 115, making it nearly on-par with the Jump Counter! This way, every training session will be worthwhile when you’re first starting out.

You will feed your Magikarp far more often than you train, so upgrading your berries is the best way to earn JP quick. Depending on the training session you get, there will be times when eating a single berry will give you more JP than the training session!

Make sure to use your training points whenever you have them, especially if you have max points waiting for you. 

When your Trainer Rank goes up, your training points get refilled, so if they’re already full you’ll get no benefit!

Tap the menu button and visit the Achievements tab. Chances are you’ve earned some rewards, so keep an eye on this tab (and try to complete achievements) to earn free Candy, Coins, and Diamonds.

Each Achievement has five levels, so keep an eye on the easier ones (like Times Fed) to see when you’re due for a reward.

After completing the Friendship League, Mayor Karp gives you your first decoration. Be sure to place it in your pond to increase your max number of food by 1. Buying other decorations from the Diamond Shop will help Magikarp grow with other bonuses.

Sometimes you’re given a choice with special events or random encounters like in All That Glitters or Out of Nowhere…

One choice lets you back out of the event, but the other puts your Magikarp at risk to get a special bonus.  If you have a high level Magikarp, you may not want to try the event. If you get the negative outcome, your Magikarp will likely be taken away and you’ll have to fish for a new one.

Many of the bonus items are rather expensive, and it takes awhile to earn Diamonds. Prioritize the items you get. Friendship Items are especially helpful, but they cost more generally than the decorations. If you’re not certain what bonuses you want from those decorations, it’s good to instead prioritize getting help from friendly Pokemon. They award your Magikarp a bonus at various intervals. You’ll get Pikachu, Piplup, Meowth, and Bulbasaur for beating certain Leagues.

As your Trainer Rank increases, you’ll gain access to more Food and Training Regiments. However, you’ll need to visit the Shop and purchase these new–and better!–options. The Pecha Berry becomes available when you reach Trainer Rank 3, and Dwebble Push becomes available when you reach Rank 4, for example. Unlocking these new berries and regiments cost only a handful of Coins as well, so they’re well worth getting as soon as you can.

Each Magikarp you catch has a unique Individual Bonus. Some of these bonuses increase the chance for your Magikarp to get Special Events in certain situations, while others will allow your Magikarp to gain more JP from the food it eats.

Pay attention to these to find out the most effective way to train your Magikarp. If it’s a Magikarp with a lot of room for growth, try pairing its Individual Bonus with decorations that boost that bonus even further. For instance, if Magikarp has a bonus that allows for a higher event chance, then pair items with it that increase that chance even further.

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