ACUTE MISFORTUNE: Watch This Teaser Clip For Biographical Drama of Aussie Artist Adam Cullen

ACUTE MISFORTUNE: Watch This Teaser Clip For Biographical Drama of Aussie Artist Adam Cullen

The world premiere of Thomas M. Wright’s debut feature film Acute Misfortune, an adaptation of Erik Jensen’s biography by the same name, is just around the corner. Set to premiere at the Melbourne International Film Festival in August, Acute Misfortune explores the relationship between the prodigious, young journalist Jensen and controversial member of the Australian art community, Archibald Prize-winning artist Adam Cullen. 

A teaser has begun circulation ahead of the premiere. You will find it below. 

When 19-year-old wunderkind journalist Erik Jensen (now editor of The Saturday Paper) was invited by bad-boy Australian painter Adam Cullen to write his biography, Jensen (Toby Wallace, Romper Stomper) jumped at the chance. Despite a turbulent relationship, the two formed a unique bond that lasted until Cullen’s death in 2012 aged just 46.

Read the film notes on the MIFF page and you will see that Acute Misfortune was filmed in the Blue Moutains of New South Wales, Australia, the same area where Cullen had his studio. You will also read that Cullen’s artwork does appear in the film and that Daniel Henshall (The Snowntown Murders, Okja) even wore Cullen’s actual clothing in the film as well. 

Some quick background reading reveals that Jensen interviewed Cullen over a four year period. In that time Cullen had shot Jensen in the leg, thrown him from the back of his motorcycle during a ride, and had eventually opened up about personal issues like family, addiction and sexuality to Jensen. if an ounce of this makes it to film this will be a very interesting film to catch at the festival. 

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