Agents of SHIELD: Dove Cameron Debuts as Quake’s #1 Fan


Big Fan.

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

“We have a small but active fanbase.”

Whoa, so are we getting Wrecking Crew? Or Masters of Evil? Or…some other comic-based supergroup that Absorbing Man (Brian Patrick Wade) was a part of?

General Hale’s promise, right at the end, to put a new team together surely opens up a number of possibilities. One of them being that her daughter, Ruby – Dove Cameron’s Daisy Johnson-obsessed SHIELD buster (and Yo-Yo arm slicer!) – could be Moonstone. Of course, it might turn out that none of this is being lifted from the comics and I’m just partaking in a fun bit of empty speculation.

Whatever the case may be, whatever awaits us, I’m just happy our heroes are back home and facing enemies that have a more “here and now” permanence. Not that everything isn’t meant to bleed together overall, since this season isn’t quite as segmented as Season 4 was, but it’s just a lot easier to latch onto stakes when you’re not in some type of Flashpoint future realm (if you’ll allow the crude Marvel/DC mish-mash here).

One tiny fun thing that was from the comics here, in “All the Comforts of Home,” was Patrick Warburton’s cameo as General Rick Stoner. Naturally, had they wanted to, they could have pulled the Rick Stoner card in dramatic fashion, having him turn into Fallen Angel and all that. Or, easier still, they could have left him out altogether. This was an enjoyable cameo/Easter Egg and a cool way to bring in a “ghost from SHIELD past,” as it were, for the team’s re-acclimation to an intact Earth.

For the most part, “All the Comforts of Home” didn’t have a very strong spine. It was all about the little(er) things. Like Deke, who’s – yes – in the past now with everyone else, ingesting mass quantities of Zima and enjoying sports bar activities. Or the pre-recorded Rock Stoner message. Or new chronicom “Noah” who’s very protective of his keyboard and…might be dead already? Hah! Anyhow, it was good to have everyone back on small town/back lot “status quo” SHIELD.

Piper’s (Briana Venskus) betrayal worked as the third act turn of the screw, but there was an underlying emptiness to it given how little we know or care about Piper. She’s been around since Season 3’s Hive adventure but she never rose to much more than being a peripheral player. Still, if these “red shirt” agents are meant to die sometimes, cannon-fodder style, this was a better use of one than usual.

I’m going to give a shout out here, at the end of this review, to “Dumb Cop Turned Slightly Less Dumb Cop.” Yes, Antonio Aaron’s “Officer Kennedy” wasn’t smart enough to notice the two guys driving a van with cuts and bruises all over their faces weren’t on the up-and-up. Later though, when Daisy showed up to the precinct also sporting a beat-up face, he started to notice things were off. I know a lot has changed for citizens of MCU Earth in the wake of the New York “incident,” but it’s still not normal to sport huge fresh gashes on your forehead in public. It took Kennedy a while, but soon he’d see one open wound too many! Nice try, Quake Johnson Esq!

The Verdict

“All the Comforts of Home” wasn’t a great adventure episode but it was a pretty decent re-establishing episode – landing everyone back on Earth, in the present day, for new characters, (slightly) shocking betrayals, and the return of Carl Creel. The return of a Season 1 baddie, the thinning of the “official” SHIELD herd, and Phil’s secret death-curse have a very “final ride” vibe.

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