Alert: God of War Review Coming Tonight

Our verdict on the return of Kratos & Son is coming early.

We’ve spent the past week playing the hell out of Sony’s upcoming action-RPG, and we’re excited to be able to tell you all about it on Thursday, April 12 at 12:01 AM Pacific time. If you’re counting, that’s a full week before God of War officially comes out on April 20. Without spoiling anything I can tell you that our written review is currently a little over 3,800 words long, so rest assured that our own Jonathon Dornbush has a few things to say on the topic.

In the meantime, you can get some idea of what to expect by checking out some of our preview coverage of God of War, including our reaction to the first three hours of gameplay, our handy guide to all the God of War preorder bonuses. Or, if you want to avoid all information on the new game until the verdict is in, you can reminisce with us by checking out the slideshow below that rounds up all of IGN’s God of War reviews since the series kicked off in 2005.

Or, walk down a blood-soaked memory lane with this gallery of every god, demigod, Titan, or Greek mythical figure Kratos has killed to date.

And watch our video recap of Kratos’ journey.

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