ART OF OBSESSION: Trailer Debut For a New Psychological Thriller From SAVE YOURSELF’s Ryan M. Andrews

ART OF OBSESSION: Trailer Debut For a New Psychological Thriller From SAVE YOURSELF's Ryan M. Andrews

A reunion is happening within the Canadian horror family this Fall. Canadian genre star Ry Barrett has gotten together with the director of Save Yourself and Sick Ryan M. Andrews for a new psychological thriller called Art of Obsession. Barrett also reunited with his co-star from The Demolisher, Jessica Vano. 

Art of Obsession is gearing up for a run at the festival circuit this Fall and Andrews wanted us to share the first trailer with you, hoping to whip up an appetite for some homegrown thrills. When festival dates are secured they will be announced over at the film’s Facebook page



After fame abandons him in an apathetic existence of misery and self-loathing, a writer’s infatuation with his muse becomes a dangerous obsession.

Genre filmmaker Ryan M. Andrews (Save Yourself, Sick, Survive The Night) teams up once again with actor Ry Barrett (The Heretics, The Drownsman) in a new psychological thriller/horror noir called ‘Art Of Obsession.’ The film also stars Winny Clarke (Almost Adults), Raven Cousens (Late Night Double Feature) and Jessica Vano (The Demolisher).

Barrett stars as Kennedy Sait, a successful writer who despite, as well as because of,his success, is battling many demons. While the film’s core story focuses on a lonely man’s infatuation with his neighbor, the film’s themes also explore addiction, depression and the darker side of fame. When talking about the character, Barrett says, “The character is really dark and intense. Very scary for me to play. But we also have something to say with this story. It’s not just about the obsession of woman, it’s also about the pain and suffering of pouring yourself into your art.”

The film went to camera last summer but the filmmakers have kept the project quiet, until now, as they release the film’s teaser trailer. Writer/Director Ryan M. Andrews explains, “I’ve utilized social media for my previous films from the early stages, but this film just felt different from the start. It’s not screaming ‘Pay attention to me,’ it’s just this entity, waiting to be experienced. It’s very dark and unsettling. And it definitely plays towards the more realistic and artful side of horror.” Along with Producers Chris Cull, Eva Mancini and Bruno Marino, Andrews worked with his long time collaborator behind the lens, cinematographer Michael Jari Davidson to capture a gritty look for the film that compliments the somber tone of the story.

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