Artangel wants YOU

The UK art commissioning body Artangel has launched a fresh open call for new ideas, but is casting its net a little wider this time. For the Artangel Everywhere initiative, applicants will be invited to create a digital work that can be experienced online (prospective candidates can also remain anonymous when applying). “Proposals are invited for projects that embrace the idea of a connected community and can be experienced by people around the world,” says a statement. Artists can be based anywhere in the world. “By inviting proposals that imagine a globally available experience, we hope to invoke the ambition and scale that Artangel has come to be known for, coupled with a much broader concept of place to take account of the online environment where so much time is now spent,” say the Artangel co-directors James Lingwood and Michael Morris. The deadline for proposals is 30 April. For information, go to:

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