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Xbox April Update Available Starting Today for Some Users

Higher resolutions, more framerate options, and more. By Brian Barnett The April Xbox update officially begins rolling out for all Xbox One owners starting today, bringing with it a number…
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Far Cry 5 Was the Best-Selling Game of March 2018

Cults and piracy were big in March. By Seth G. Macy The NPD Group released its report on the best-selling hardware and software for last month, with Far Cry 5…
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Fortnite: Tilted Towers Gets a Meteor Update

A comet overhead in Fortnite Battle Royale was first discovered March 20, 2018 by IGN. Here's everything we know about the mysterious meteor so far. Exit Theatre Mode EditUpdate 4/24: Tilted…
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Frostpunk Review

Share. Heavy emotional decisions put a human face on the citizens of your frozen colony. By Caley Roark Frostpunk combines the best elements of survival, city-building, and 4X games into…
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11 Cool Nintendo Labo Designs

This number will only increase as more creators are brought into the fold. By Hope Corrigan Nintendo's cardboard creative system Labo is out, and people are already making some cool…
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How to Defeat Your First Valkyrie in God of War

The 8 Valkyries (and Valkyrie Queen) are optional bosses in God of War. Defeating them grants many rewards, including the Valkyrie Armor. Each is armed with a different set of…
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Avengers: Infinity War First Reactions

Disney screened Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War for members of the Los Angeles media, some lucky fans and members of the Marvel family tonight ahead of its upcoming premiere. Those in…
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PS4 Pro with God of War under £350, Save on Amazon Devices

  Like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter for the latest deals. £46 off Sony PlayStation 4 Pro and God of War Bundle With the new God of…
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Deadpool 2 Just Released the Most Perfectly Ridiculous Poster

Deadpool 2's latest IMAX poster might be the most ridiculous one yet. The one-sheet, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, features the Merc with a Mouth (Ryan Reynolds) and his friends riding…
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Avengers: Infinity War Review

Share. The Promised One. By Scott Collura Making good on Nick Fury’s promise from 10 years ago in a manner that was nigh-unimaginable at the time, Avengers: Infinity War doesn’t…
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