Awe-Inspiring Futuristic City Art & Cityscape Concepts

Neo Seoul - Futuristic City Environment Artwork by Emmanuel Shiu
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Futuristic designs let us peer into the potential world of fantasy and sci-fi. With massive cityscape designs you can imagine what life could be like in another universe & share that vision with others.

These incredible environments all feature futuristic cityscapes created by a wide array of artists. You’ll find all sorts of ideas here that are sure to get your imagination tingling.

City of Light

lightworks cityscape environmentCreated by Ayan Nag

Glass City

Glass-based cityscape designCreated by Marcin Rubinkowski

Walled City

Higher sea levels redesign a cityCreated by Adrien GirodArtStation

Future Berlin

Futuristic Berlin Airport EnvironmentCreated by Adam VargaArtStation

Personal Work

Deep perspective in a future cityCreated by Xue Han

Beyond Human

Underwater futuristic cityscape artworkCreated by Godwin Akpan

Wilkurse City

Wilkurse City Environment ArtCreated by Jonathan Lam & Gunship Revolution

Free City of the West

Free City Futuristic Concept ArtCreated by Pablo Dominguez


Dark Cityscape at nightCreated by Kiev Decatoire

Cyberpunk City

Digital cyberpunk cityscapeCreated by Artur SadlosArtStation


Cityscape matte painting concept artCreated by Amy Lauver

Holy Flower

Holy Flower City Concept ArtCreated by Bima Sakti

Future City Landscape

Custom brushwork on a future cityCreated by Lorenzo Desanctis

The Sun

Sunset over a future cityCreated by Shal Franchini Moraes

Dystopian Mega City

Dystopian cityscape concept artCreated by Miroslav MisicArtStation

Neo Seoul

Neo Seoul Cityscape Concept ArtCreated by Emmanuel ShiuArtStation


Dark industrial city concept artCreated by Jakub SkopArtStation

Futuristic City

Flying cars in a future cityCreated by James ChaoArtStation

Tokyo 2369

Tokyo 2369 futuristic concept art paintingCreated by Yuliya Zabelina

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