Black Fawn Films Looks to Break Into Television With New Series THE CLEANERS

Black Fawn Films Looks to Break Into Television With New Series THE CLEANERS

No doubt there has been a rise of horror related television of late. With the popularity of zombies, necronomicons and horror stories if anyone else wants to dip their toes in this bloody pool the time is now. 

The fine fellows from Black Fawn Films (The Heretics, Bite and Antisocial) are looking to do just that by introducing their proposed television series The Cleaners at the Banff World Media Festival next week. 

Award-winning horror film producers and directors, Cody Calahan and Chad Archibald of Black Fawn Films, are set to showcase their TV series concept The Cleaners, created by Calahan and Al Kratina, to networks in Banff.

For the first time ever, William F. White Int’l will allow a production company to take over their social media sites. Black Fawn Films will control the WFW Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube channel for 3 days. While in Calgary, Black Fawn will be making a stop to meet fans at the Calgary Horror-Con on June 11th where they will be presenting at a panel moderated by Whites Toronto’s own Greg Jeffs. Following that they will be continuing to the Banff World Media Festival from June 11th – June 13th.

Along with William F White Int’l and Breakthrough Entertainment, Redlab Digital and Panavision have also come on board to support the project and the creation of a proof of concept, which will accompany their pitch package at the Banff World Media Festival.

Cody Calahan, Writer/Director/Producer at Black Fawn Films says, “We’ve been developing this idea for a while and with the support of these companies we’ll will be pitching networks and buyers who we wouldn’t normally have access to. Expanding into the television realm has been a goal for us and our entire team couldn’t be more excited about this new venture.”

“We’re more than just an equipment supplier here at Whites,” said Whites’ Chairman/CEO, Paul Bronfman. “It’s all about creating and nurturing relationships with emerging filmmakers and Black Fawn Films is no exception. They have our full support as they pitch their new series at Banff!”

The Cleaners, follows a crime scene cleaner who mops up after supernatural killings, hiding the truth from the world that…monsters do exist.

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