Blizzard Reveals Overwatch Uprising Event Stats

Over 815 million loot boxes were earned.

The Overwatch team was apparently no match for Null Sector in the Uprising event.

Blizzard has revealed that while there were over 67 million Overwatch victories, Null Sector came out on top 78-plus million times in the special brawl mode. In total, there were more than 145 million matches completed for last month’s seasonal Uprising event.

Blizzard has released detailed stats for Overwatch's latest seasonal event, called Uprising. Infographic courtesy of Blizzard

Blizzard has released detailed stats for Overwatch’s latest seasonal event, called Uprising. Infographic courtesy of Blizzard

Now most of those losses might have happened on legendary difficulty. As seen above, there was only a 0.6 percent win rate in story mode, while all heroes bumps the victory percentage to just 1.0.

If you did want to win in Overwatch’s Uprising brawl, Lucio was the man. He sported a 61 percent victory rate in the cooperative mode and probably dropped the beat more than we can imagine.

Other fun facts from Blizzard include over 815 million Uprising loot boxes earned and more than 8.5 billion Null Sector omnics destroyed.

Those aren’t the only impressive numbers for the team-based shooter recently. Overwatch has made over $1 billion in less than a year. Plus, the game has passed over 30 million players.

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