Canadian Horror Graphic Novel THE HARVESTER Getting a Film Adaptation

Canadian Horror Graphic Novel THE HARVESTER Getting a Film Adaptation

The Harvester, a horror graphic novel series written and illustrated by Canadian artist Steve McGinnis will be getting the film adpatation treatment from the Horror Equity Fund Inc. 

Samuel Troyer was different than the other children in the small village of Brantwood. He was much bigger and stronger. And he was a little odd, which made him an outcast and a loner. But when his father finds willing children for him to play with, his dark side surfaces and new formed friendships end all too quickly.

When the townsfolk learn of the fruits of his darkness they seek their revenge. They murder and bury poor Samuel in an unmarked grave and try their best to cast him from their minds forever.

Seasons pass and the townsfolk forget what they did to poor Samuel.

But Samuel’s darkness is much stronger than death. The strange little boy is gone and forgotten, but a new life is born called The Harvester, and he’s hell-bent on revenge.

This dark, new being then teaches the people of Brantwood to never forget that we reap what we sow… SST Rise of the Harvester

I met McGinnis on the con circuit a couple Summers ago. He is a super nice guy with an impressive portfolio, illustrating the front pages of magazines like Diabolique and Fangoria, and helping at the local level illustrating for our friends at the Blood in the Snow Film Festival. 

Horror Equity Fund Inc. (HEF) is excited to announce they will be bringing the acclaimed graphic novel series ‘The Rise of the Harvester’ by Steve McGinnis to the screen and beyond! 

HEF CEO Marlon Schulman believes that the series has great franchise potential, and will be a “great ride for horror fans” throughout the world. HEF CCO and screenwriter Brian Herskowitz has penned “The Harvester” screenplay which artfully deepens and expands the series.

McGinnis started illustrating at a young age where signs of his horror potential showed up even then. In the spring of 2012 Steve was commissioned to paint some images and posters for the Niagara Falls Comic-Con to honor the 1974 cast of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The resulting TCM print was much beloved by the cast and crew and led to Steve being asked to do the same for Night of the Living Dead. His horror illustrations and designs have since been featured in Diabolique, Fangoria, Gorezone , HorrorRama, Screams Quarterly and Gore Noir. His art has graced the covers of numerous top-tier genre magazines.

The masterfully illustrated graphic novels – Rise of The Harvester: Book One and Rise of The Harvester: Con of the Dead were released by SST to critical acclaim and are currently available on

“Turning graphic novels from print art to a proper screenplay that flows can be tricky, but they did it seamlessly with respect to the original story. I am very pleased and excited to be collaborating with Horror Equity Fund on The Harvester Franchise. I foresee a very successful partnership between us while creating a new Slasher icon.” Steve McGinnis.

“Steve’s artwork is known throughout the Horror community and we are thrilled to be working with him. The Harvester is poised to set a new standard for cinematic mayhem and destined to become a Horror Classic.” HEF Team.

HEF’s mission is to establish the company as the premier destination for investors, fans, and content creators to join forces in making profitable horror properties in film, TV, gaming, live events and publishing.

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