CAPTAIN MARVEL Passes $550 Million Worldwide; Should Cross $700 Million Over The WeekendCAPTAIN MARVEL Passes $550 Million Worldwide; Should Cross $700 Million Over The Weekend

It’s crazy to think that Captain Marvel is already on the verge of crossing the $600 million mark after less than a full week on general release, but here we are.

According to the latest box office updates, Carol Danvers’ first big-screen outing has now taken in $550.2 million worldwide, which means it should easily pass $600M through Friday and will be banging on $700M’s door by Sunday.

Marvel Studios’ latest is now virtually guaranteed to join the billion dollar club, but on its way to that milestone it’ll be knocking a few of The MCU’s previous single-character adventures out of its path. The Brie Larson-starrer has already topped the worldwide gross of Ant-Man, and is zeroing in on Doctor Strange.

Tell us, did you expect Captain Marvel to do this well? Drop us a comment down below, and, in case you missed it, you can also check out our Captain Marvel spoilers breakdown.

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As we reported already, Captain Marvel opens with a touching tribute to the late Stan “The Man” Lee.

Instead of the usual collage of Marvel character featured in the opening logo graphic, it’s completely made up of Lee’s cameo appearances in all of the earlier MCU films. Then, just before the movie gets underway, “Thank you Stan” shows up on the screen.

The Generalissimo also makes his first posthumous cameo in the film when Carol spots him reading the script for Kevin Smith’s Mallrats on the bus (Lee appeared in that movie in the ’90s), but, to be honest, it’s not quite so effective.

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