CASH ONLY’s Nick Shreli Joins Aaron Eckhart in Real Time Thriller LIVE

CASH ONLY's Nick Shreli Joins Aaron Eckhart in Real Time Thriller LIVE

When last we heard from Cash Only‘s Nickola Shreli, he and director Malik Bader were preparing to give Liam Hemsworth a hard time in Bader’s upcoming thriller Killerman

And while we fans of his cult favorite Cash Only would like to see Shreli back in the writer’s chair whipping up another good script we are pleased hes filling the time with more roles. This time, flipping the moral coin to play a good guy, Shreli has joined the cast in a supporting role to Aaron Eckhart and Courtney Eaton in director Steven C. Miller’s real time thriller Live

The script, by Jeremy Drysdale, tells of a disgraced cop (Eckhart) who is racing against time to find the police commissioner’s kidnapped daughter after killing her abductor. With the young woman having only 80 minutes to live and a crazed killer after him, the cop has to team up with an online reporter (Eaton) who wants to broadcast the chase live. THR

Shooting begins this month in Alabama

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