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Program Review: Internship at POLIN in Warsaw

Posing with the bench sculpture of Jan Karski, located in front of the POLIN Museum. My expectations of what I’d receive from my time in Poland were beyond exceeded. I…
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5 Minutes in Russia

This footage was captured by SRAS Assistant Director Josh Wilson: “This was city day in Moscow, but the amount of foot traffic on the new pedestrian streets in the city…
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Crime and Publishing: How Dostoevskii Changed the British Murder

A few words on this book: Described by the sixteenth-century English poet George Turbervile as “a people passing rude, to vices vile inclin’d,” the Russians waited some three centuries before…
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Post Soviet Theatre

Central Academic Theatre of the Russian Army (CATRA) was built in 1939 in the shape of a five-pointed Soviet star. Originally called the Central Theatre of the Red Army, it…
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Museums in Warsaw

One of the best things to do when living or studying abroad, is to visit museums and historical institutes to try and learn about that particular place. For me, visiting…
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Rimsky-Korsakov Memorial Apartment Museum

Rimsky-Korsakov Memorial Apartment Museum28, Zagorodny Prospekt, St. PetersburgHours: Wednesday – Sunday, 11:00am-6:00pmAdmission: 100 rubles, audio guide: 100 rubles, photos: 100 rublesWebsite Saint Petersburg has been called home for several renowned…
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Program Review: Art and Museums in Russia

The Art and Museums Program was a highly fulfilling and engaging experience, combining guided museum tours with independent research. I would recommend this program to any student who is interested…
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American Students’ Favorite Russian Art, 2017

We asked three participants of our Art and Museums in Russia program in St. Petersburg: “If you could introduce everyone to 3-5 pieces of Russian art, what would those pieces…
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Kizhi: An Open Air Museum of Architecture

Kizhi Pogost and the island on which it stands function as an architecture museum, hosting number of wooden structures built with traditional Russian designs and construction methods. Restoration and preservation…
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The Best Inspiration in St. Petersburg, 2017

We asked three participants of our Art and Museums in Russia program in St. Petersburg: “Where in St. Petersburg have you felt the greatest amount of inspiration?” Here are the…
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