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Colinet And Charretier Announce ‘The Infinite Loop Volume 2: Nothing But The Truth’ [Exclusive Interview]

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Five Stars: Starting At The End With Jeff Smith [Interview]

Scholastic There are few cartoonists more admired than Jeff Smith. Inspired himself by the serialized newspaper strips he read as a child, Smith went on to create a string of…
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Reading List: The Ten Essential Jack Kirby Stories

Obviously Jack Kirby is the greatest comic book artist of all time, but most will agree he’s also one of the medium’s greatest writers. He wrote the way he drew:…
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Costume Drama: The Ever-Changing Look of America Chavez

Joe Quinones / Marvel After a couple of years as the undisputed champion of ‘character most bafflingly lacking their own comic’, Ms America Chavez finally has a solo title. With…
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Comics Alliance Presents: Why We Love Comics

Comics are great. Comics are so good. Comics, as I’ve written about before, directly led to me realizing I was trans. Before I read Neil Gaiman’s (and various artists) “A…
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‘Justice League’ Is Probably Not as Long as That Rumored Three-Hour Runtime

Warner BrosOn Wednesday night, the tweets started flying out of CinemaCon, claiming that Justice League’s announced runtime was a luxurious two hours and 50 minutes long. Articles were posted, fans…
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‘Dante’s Lunch’: Meet ‘Coco’s Dog in Pixar’s Newest and Cutest Animated Short

[embedded content]Subscribe to ComicsAlliance on We usually have to wait until the newest Pixar film hits theaters to enjoy the latest Pixar short, but fans of the beloved animated studio…
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‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Sequel May Be Spidey’s Last Appearance in the MCU

Sony The deal between Marvel and Sony that allowed Peter Parker to join up with the Avengers is actually kind of extraordinary. More often than not — all the time,…
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Starz ‘American Gods’ Invites You to Worship These New Cast Posters

The jury’s still out on whether Starz and Bryan Fuller’s American Gods can translate author Neil Gaiman’s bestseller, but my, if they don’t at least make a pretty cast. See…
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Watch the ‘Justice League’ Come Together in the First Theatrical Trailer

[embedded content]Subscribe to ComicsAlliance on When we last left the caped crusader, things weren’t looking all that bright. Sure, he had a new super-friend in the form of Diana Prince,…
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