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Illustrator Shreya Gupta on her Google Doodle celebrating India’s first female doctor

Illustrator Shreya Gupta moved to New York City from India to pursue her passion for drawing. This lead her to a number of diverse illustration projects for high-profile publications and…
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See iconic duo Smith and Foulkes’ epic animation for the BBC’s Winter Olympics coverage

An epic, cinematic-style animated film promoting the BBC’s Winter Olympics coverage has been released, with the iconic Nexus Studio duo Smith and Foulkes (best known for their Grr ad for…
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This campaign promoting freelancers reaches out to ‘Mr President’ and ‘Comic Sans User’

In an interesting representation of our current creative economy, a website that connects freelancers to businesses has reached out to President Trump, Amazon, NASA and Comic Sans users in a…
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Majority of illustrators dont earn enough to live from, new survey shows

A majority of illustrators say they don’t earn a suitable salary to live 'sustainably', and some said their commissions were paid late in 2017, according to a new survey conducted and…
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Artist Jonathan Yeo explores the savagery of cosmetic surgery with oil paintings

British artist Jonathan Yeo is highly regarded for his oil portraits of celebrities, including Nicole Kidman, Cara Delevingne, and Dennis Hopper – even David Cameron and members of the Royal…
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Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 is a light tablet PC with a large screen you can draw on

Because most Windows tablets have settled upon the 12.1-inch display size, an increase is unexpected. Lenovo’s third-generation ThinkPad X1, however, bumps up the visual quality with a larger, 13-inch 3K…
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Dell’s XPS 15 2-in-1 is a next-gen laptop/tablet with a Wacom pen

Yes, it's that time of year again – Dell's annual jamming a thumb into the eye of Apple's vaunted MacBook Pro 15. Although the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in…
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Hands-on with the HTC Vive Pro

We tried out the new HTC Vive Pro at CES to check out its higher-resolution graphics, wireless option and more comfortable feel on your head. Virtual reality’s second generation edges…
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CG artist Andrei Lacatusu reduces tech giant brands to derelict neon signs

There’s something captivating about seeing Silicon Valley icons, and game changers of the western world’s adoption of social media, in the shape and form of derelict, Las Vegas-esque signs. Brands…
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Studio GBH’s Game of Thrones stamp designs for the Royal Mail

The Royal Mail has released pretty fantastic stamp collections over the years including Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter and Olympic-themed stamps – and now, it’s jumping on board with Game…
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