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ChefDance 2018: Sundance on a Plate

During one's time in Park City for Sundance a person must be careful on how to navigate a snowscape filled with consumer excess and shallow posturing. This is not a…
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Christian Alvart’s Latest Cautions DON’T GET OUT!

The German film industry is not generally one that particularly supports commercial genre filmmakers, a reality that makes director Christian Alvart very much an outlier. The director of Antibodies and…
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Sundance 2018 Review: MANDY, a Revenge-filled Feast of Visual Delights

In describing Panos Cosmatos' Mandy, the first word that comes to mind is 'admiration.' The picture reflects the singular, unique, and uncompromising vision of its director. Producing an auteur-driven horror…
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Watch Delightful Sci-Fi Short EINSTEIN-ROSEN, Start Your Day with a Smile

Children are naturally curious about the world around them. And sometimes, the world that's not around them, a world that can't be seen. Sometimes, this gets them into the most…
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Sundance 2018 Review: THE GUILTY, a Tense Phone Call That Changes Everything

If Larry Cohen lived in Copenhagen, he might have written The Guilty. Veteran filmmaker Cohen, of course, has written dozens of screenplays that start with a clever idea and then…
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The New Trailer For RAAKSHAS Promises A Dark Fantasy In The Indian Jungle

2017 was kind of a light year for genre films in India. There were a few stand out productions, but the general mood in the country was pretty tense, and…
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BEAST OF BURDEN Trailer: Daniel Radcliffe, Drug Runner, Flies Into Trouble

The conclusion of the Harry Potter film series freed up Daniel Radcliffe to be whatever he wanted to be as an actor and I've enjoyed much of what he's done…
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Sundance 2018 Preview: Documentaries

Generation WealthThe Queen of Versailles director Lauren greenfield tackles 21st century capitalism at its worst in her latest docu.Docu Premieres Bisbee '17Busy editor and director of Kate Plays Christine, Robert…
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BIRDS WITHOUT FEATHERS: Watch The Trailer For Quirky Slamdance Comedy

It promises to be (another) very strong year at the Slamdance Film Festival this year with a lineup packed solid with compelling new talent and idiosynchratic stories hoping to pull…
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PSYCHOTIC! Watch The Trailer, See Many Hipsters Die! Die Hipsters, Die!

Psychotic! The indie horror with a fusion of 80s slasher and 70s Italian horror flicks is coming to VOD on January 26th. A new trailer has been 'cut' to mark…
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