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VR Dispatch: Exploring the Intersection of Art and Tech at The Engadget Experience Alternate Realities

Earlier this year the tech blog Engadget announced that they were giving away half a million dollars in $100,000 chunks to five media arts pieces exploring the technologies of Virtual…
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Review: THE SWINDLERS Cons Viewers Out of Their Time

Stars Hyun Bin and Yoo Ji-tae go toe-to-toe in this month's The Swindlers, a loose and jazzy caper thriller that mines Korea's abundant fascination with grifters. Or at least that's…
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Review: THE FORTRESS, Sublime Political Allegory Closes Its Doors to the Uninitiated

One of the most impressive casts of the year lines up in the austere and languid period siege drama The Fortress. Led by Lee Byung-hun, Kim Yun-seok and Park Hae-il,…
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Pingyao 2017 Review: LIFE GUIDANCE, a Conspiracy Against Non-Conformist, White-Collar Rage

Conspiracies have receives unprecedented amounts of attention, peaking in the last two decades among the general public. As a concept, a conspiracy offers an ideal narrative template, similar to a…
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Pingyao 2017 Interview: Festival Director Marco Muller Talks Inaugural Edition, Chinese Cinema, Censorship

The veteran festival director Marco Muller stands behind the latest attempt to mount a Chinese film festival of independent production along the founder Jia Zhangke, Pingyao Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon…
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Pingyao 2017 Interview: Filmmaker Zhao Chloé Talks THE RIDER

Beijing-born, U.S.-based writer-director-producer Zhao Chloé received another award for her latest film The Rider, which premiered at this year's Cannes Film Festival. Her presence in the Pingyao Film Fest and…
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Kolkata IFF 2017 Review: AVICHI Rewrites The Rulebook For Indian Cinema

Have you ever wondered what a cross between The Road Warrior and The Seventh Seal might look like? Well, with Varun Chowdhury's debut feature Avichi you get a glimpse into…
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Review: XANGADIX LIVES! Provides A Candid Look At Dutch Horror Classic THE JOHNSONS

Twenty-five years ago, Rudolf van den Berg's thriller The Johnsons was released in the Netherlands, which was remarkable in several ways. For starters, it was a horror film and we…
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Review: In THELMA, Nothing Happens Without a Butterfly Effect

Directed by Joachim Trier, Thelma follows the titular character played by Ellie Harboe -- a young, beautiful student -- as she ventures to Oslo, Norway for school. Growing up is hard enough, but…
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Watch LA PETITE MORT: the Sexual Misadventures of a Subversive Fairy Tale

A mysterious forest, a picnic basket with cherry pie, a boy (Alex MacNicoll) and a girl (Madeleine Waters) on a romantic outing: these are the ingredients of Elizabeth Jaeleigh Davis’…
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