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How Does Secrets of the Empire Fit Into the Star Wars Timeline?

How does the new VR experience connect to Star Wars canon? And what might it mean for the future of the series? By Ryan Matsunaga This article contains major spoilers…
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Lost Sphear Review

Share. This RPG is so cluttered with homages to classics that it fails to create an identity of its own. By Jeremy Parish Creating an old-fashioned role-playing game that reminds…
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Pokemon Go: 23 New Gen 3 Pokemon Arrive Today

More Pokemon originally from Ruby and Sapphire will begin to appear soon. By Andrew Goldfarb Niantic has announced that more new generation 3 Pokemon are coming to Pokemon Go today.…
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GTA Online: New Vehicle, Discounts and Bonuses

This page contains information on the ongoing weekly updates and events for GTA Online.  GTA 5 and Grand Theft Auto Online regularly roll out special rewards and weekly discounts. This…
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Rainbow Six Pro League Reveals Esports Plans Through 2020

Breach through the competition. By Filip Miucin Ubisoft has announced its new formula for the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Pro League, as well as all Rainbow Six Siege competitions ranking…
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Verizon won’t be using tax cut to boost spending on network upgrades

reader comments 19 Share this story FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's claim that repealing net neutrality rules will boost network investment didn't get much support from Verizon's latest spending forecast. Verizon's…
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Hearthstone Has a New World Champion

A year of competition ends with a nail-biting reverse sweep in the final. By Cam Shea The newly revamped Hearthstone Championship Tour has come to an end in Amsterdam. More…
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Telltale’s Latest Batman Adventure Redefines the Joker

Share. No cape, no cowl, no regrets. By Ryan McCaffrey Clocking in at about 75 minutes, ‘What Ails You’ is Telltale’s shortest-yet episode of Batman: The Enemy Within. It’s also…
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Dragon Ball FighterZ Review

Share. The pairing of DBZ and Arc System Works is a match made in fighting game heaven. By Mitchell Saltzman Who’d have thought: matching one of the most iconic action…
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A Complete Guide to Yakuza 6: The Song of Life’s Preorder Bonuses

Breaking down the game's special edition and bonuses. By Chris Reed Yakuza 6: The Song of Life is set to launch for PlayStation 4 on March 20, 2018. This latest…
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