Catssup hacks existing furniture to create vertical cat playground

Studio Ryte’s Catssup collection can be attached to shelves or furniture to provide a world for cats to explore without compromising the human living space.

Each piece in the modular collection, designed by the Hong Kong-based studio, can be installed within minutes to create flexible spaces that don’t use up any floorspace in the home. The collection includes resting spots, makeshift walkways and scratching posts.

Catssup by Studio Ryte

“Instinctively, cats are more comfortable with heights because it provides them with a secure vantage point to survey the world below,” said Studio Ryte.

“Unfortunately, many modern households are unable to provide vertical spaces due to limited interior space and the bulkiness of conventional cat trees.”

Catssup by Studio Ryte

The collection includes a circular dot step, a pill-shaped sleeping platform, a pendant toy ball that can hang under the platforms, a cloud-shaped lounging platform and a climbing tower-cum-scratching post.

Plush felt fabric attaches magnetically to the folded metal that forms the platform bases. A C-clamp design allows users to create cantilevered extensions to furniture or shelves without having to use nails or intrusive attachments.

Therefore the cat playground does not damage the walls or furniture, and can be reconfigured according to the changing needs of the user.

Catssup by Studio Ryte

The surfaces can also be attached to a table or work desk to extend the space and allow a pet cat to accompany its owner at work.

The Catssup is the first animal-related product designed by Studio Ryte. The studio focuses on using technology and craftsmanship to redefine mundane urban objects, paying special attention to spacial design. Previous work includes easy-to-assemble desks and stools made from plywood that do not require nails for construction.

Catssup by Studio Ryte

US-based company Tuft + Paw have also created a jungle gym for cats, which includes a scratchable slide, rope for clawing and a see-through perch. The different adventure-focused pieces in the collection are constructed from plywood and carpet.

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