CLOAK & DAGGER Showrunner Teases Mister Jip And More “Fantastical” Villains For Season 2CLOAK & DAGGER Showrunner Teases Mister Jip And More “Fantastical” Villains For Season 2

CLOAK & DAGGER Showrunner Teases Mister Jip And More "Fantastical" Villains For Season 2

Season 1 of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger has been fairly light on fantasy elements, but if what Joe Pokaski says is true, that will change as the story unfolds and the series transitions into its second season.

Marvel and Freeform’s Cloak & Dagger has certainly hinted at Tyrone and Tandy’s abilities being somewhat mystical in nature, but so far, the first season has told a fairly grounded story about the heroic duo.

But if you’re hoping to see the two heroes deal with some more fantastical threats, then you may be in luck, as showrunner Joe Pokaski hints at the inclusion of more fantasy elements as Season 1 comes to a close.

“We’re saving some of the more fantastical [villains],” the showrunner told the folks at Syfy Wire. “I think we wanted to start off very grounded when we first started talking about this show, something that Marvel does really well, it has to be the world the way it is. That’s where we started, and as you’ll see, especially from episode seven on, we turn up the heat quite a bit.”

Aside from revealing that the show will incorporate more supernatural elements in the future, Pokaski also hinted at one Cloak & Dagger villain in particular: Mister Jip. He even suggested viewers already saw a tease for the baddie earlier this season.

“You didn’t see him in episode six? It’s possible you did. I’m not spoiling anything, I’m not committing to anything. But you should go back and look carefully at the scene where Tyrone goes into Kev’s dream and [sees] that kid with the backpack’s fears. I have a feeling if we’re lucky enough to have a season two, a lot your favorites will be making appearances.”

In the comic books, Jip is a powerful sorcerer, who – before becoming an adversary of Cloak and Dagger – was a student of Doctor Strange’s master the Ancient One. So, his abilites would make him distinct from the threats Tandy and Tyrone have dealt with on the show so far

If you want to see the scene Pokaski said hinted at Mister Jip, check out the video below:

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