Collect Them All! Pet Them All! It’s The NEKO ATSUME HOUSE Trailer!

Collect Them All! Pet Them All! It's The NEKO ATSUME HOUSE Trailer!

Okay, kitty collectors, as we mentioned a while back the hugely popular game app Neko Atsume – in which you leave out food and toys for neighborhood cats to make friends with them as they visit your digital home – has been made into a movie. It has an admittedly marginal story revolving around a writer moving away from it all to deal with a case of writer’s block but, more importantly, it also has cats. Lots and lots of cats. And now it also has a trailer.

I have played more hours of this game than I care to admit and it pleases me to no end to see my digital friends in real life. You can watch the teaser below. Just watch out for Tubbs. That greedy bastard eats all the food.

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