Criterion in September 2018: ANDREI RUBLEV, COLD WATER and More

Criterion in September 2018: ANDREI RUBLEV, COLD WATER and More

It’s never too late to receive good news, is it? I hope not, because I am terribly late in sharing information on the Criterion Collection’s upcoming releases in September 2018.

And it’s a very good lineup, indeed. My eye was first drawn to My Man Godfrey, which I saw again a few weeks ago, wishing that it was on Blu-ray so I could enjoy the ace chemistry of William Powell and Carole Lombard in high definition. And behold! The detective comedy will arrive in September.

Looking for something a little less familiar? How about Cold Water from filmmaker Olivier Assayas? The official verbiage says that the film has been “long-unavailable” and is a “coming-of-age masterpiece.” If you’d like to decide for yourself, Criterion will make a new 4K restoration, supervised by the director, available for purchase.

As to Andrei Tarkovsky … okay, I admit that I am not sufficiently knowledgeable to tell you much about the inscrutable “monumental epic” Andrei Rublev, but I can say that its Blu-ray debut will come “in an edition that includes both the director’s preferred 185-minute cut and the extended cut that was suppressed by Soviet censors.”

If you’re feeling a bit outraged by current events — and, really, who isn’t nowadays? — why not get further stirred up by watching A Raisin in the Sun? Sidney Poitier and Ruby Dee star in a film adaptation of “Lorraine Hansberry’s groundbreaking play about a Chicago family’s struggle against racism and class barriers.” All 4K-capable cinephiles will rejoice that the film will appear in a new 4K restoration.

Tired of thinking about politics? Why not give yourself over completely to Ingmar Berman’s Scenes from a Marriage, available on Blu-ray for the first time?

More information about each title is available at the official Criterion site, which is pretty keen for browsing, even if you don’t have any pennies stored up to buy anything right now.

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