Crowdfund This! London Needs A DEEP CLEAN!

Crowdfund This! London Needs A DEEP CLEAN!

Director Matt Harlock (American: The Bill Hicks Story) has teamed up with notorious artist and graphic novelist Krent Able (just google him) for what sounds like a fantastic UK horror short in Deep Clean.

16 year old Alex is a troubled kid, excluded from school for fighting and for his weird drawings, evidence to some of a disturbed mind. To keep him out of juvenile detention, he is forced into doing a boring work placement with his loser Uncle Brian who works for the council.  

What he doesn’t know is that Deep Clean is a secret council unit whose job is…blocking up demon portals.  

Imagine a horror film, but set in a world created by Mike Leigh or Ken Loach …

The creative team here is very strong and includes regular Ben Wheatley SFX artist Dan Martin, who will be creating the physical demon for the film, along with VFX shop Territory Studio who, you know, work on little films like Ghost In The Shell, Prometheus, Guardians of the Galaxy and Bladerunner 2049.

They’re looking for help from the public to make this thing happen so check out the full pitch here and chip in a few bucks if the mood takes you!

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