DC Comics to Reveal the Secret of the Three Jokers

Batman is finally getting back to his most important case.

One of the biggest twists to come out of the DC Rebirth relaunch in 2016 is the reveal that there are actually three Jokers in the DC Universe. And nearly two years later, we finally have an inkling of how DC will follow up on that reveal.

At a Batman-themed C2E2 panel this past weekend, newly promoted Batman group editor Jamie S. Rich confirmed that writer Geoff Johns is indeed working on a new story to follow up on the Three Jokers reveal. Rich didn’t give a title for the series or a potential release date, but he did reveal that artist Jason Fabok is currently drawing pages for the book. Fabok and Johns previously collaborated on Justice League: The Darkseid War in 2015.

DC Rebirth Joker teaser by various artists. (DC Entertainment)

DC Rebirth Joker teaser by various artists. (DC Entertainment)

For those not up to date on current Batman continuity, Batman briefly acquired the Mobius Chair in The Darkseid War and used its omniscient knowledge to finally uncover the true identity of his deadliest foe. However, the chair merely replaced one mystery with an even bigger one, revealing that there are three different Jokers. Since then, that mystery has generally taken a backseat in DC’s various Batman books in favor of storylines like Dark Nights: Metal and Batman’s upcoming marriage to Catwoman, but it seems the Caped Crusader will finally be resuming this critical investigation.

In addition to the announcement that Joelle Jones will be writing and drawing a solo Catwoman series in the aftermath of the big Batman/Catwoman wedding, the panel offered a few other clues as to the future of the Batman line. The eight-page Batman story in the upcoming DC Nation #0 special will focus on Joker (one of him, anyway). The story sees the Clown Prince of Crime invade the home of an innocent bystander named Roger and wait patiently for a wedding invitation that’s never coming. Hence why an enraged Joker will be tormenting both Batman and Catwoman in the lead-up to Batman #50.

DC Nation #0 cover by Jorge Jimenez. (DC Entertainment)

DC Nation #0 cover by Jorge Jimenez. (DC Entertainment)

Batman #45 also kicks off a new wedding prelude storyline that features the return of artist Tony Daniel and a team-up with Booster Gold. Writer Tom King revealed that Booster attempts to give Batman a wedding gift by showing him an alternate timeline where his parents are never killed. Unfortunately, that leads to a rise of Dick Grayson as a more militant, gun-toting Batman. King draw comparisons to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ classic Superman story “For the Man Who Has Everything.”

Let us know if you’re excited for Johns and Fabok’s Three Jokers story in the comments below.

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