DC’s New Supergirl Costume Solves Longstanding Superman Problem

Kryptonian form and function.

DC’s monthly Supergirl comic returned today, and it explained why Kara Zor-El needs a new costume for her latest mission.


Warning: this article contains spoilers for Supergirl #21!

The series’ new storyline picks up in the aftermath of the recent Man of Steel miniseries. Kara has claimed the axe of Rogol Zaar, the villain who claims to be responsible for Krypton’s destruction. Her goal is to track down any and all beings who may have helped Zaar in his anti-Kryptonian crusade.

Art by Kevin Maguire. (DC Entertainment)

Art by Kevin Maguire. (DC Entertainment)

That’s where her new costume comes in. One of the major weaknesses of the Superman family is that their powers are dependent on yellow solar radiation. If they spend too much time in deep space or travel to a world with a red sun, all that super-strength and invulnerability fades away. Kara’s new costume, in addition to offering a slight change in color palette, serves as a solar energy collector. It’s basically a wearable battery that will ensure Kara’s Kryptonian powers will remain no matter where in the galaxy she travels.

Between her new costume, Zaar’s axe and her faithful companion Krypto, Kara will be a formidable force as she ventures into the cosmos. And as we’ve seen from DC’s concept art, this new costume is just the first of several.

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