DEMONS: Take A First Look A Daniel Hui’s Berlin Selected Dark Satire

DEMONS: Take A First Look A Daniel Hui's Berlin Selected Dark Satire

Singpore director Daniel Hui wades right in to the thick of the debate around sexual politics, manipulation and abuse of power with his new feature Demons. Following a successful bow at the Busan International Film Festival the film has now been selected as part of the Forum section in Berlin and we’re very pleased to share the first trailer for the film here.

When Vicki gets a role in Daniel’s new theatre production, she thinks she has gotten the chance of her life. Little does she know this is only the beginning of repeated abuse by Daniel as part of his artistic process. When she turns to the people around her for support, she finds that everyone else seems to think her abuse is beneficial to her. Feeling like the only mad person in sunny, peaceful Singapore, she decides to take matters into her own hands. A wicked horror satire on power, art, and trauma, the film explores the hidden violence we live with in order to build a community.

Check it out below!

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