Destiny 2: Spoiler Free Leviathan Raid Walkthrough

This page contains a spoiler-free guide to completing the Leviathan raid in Destiny 2. It’s designed to point guardians in the right direction while still letting them experience the excitement of solving each raid’s challenge.

Click on the red Spoiler text to see a hint. If you’d rather see the full step-by-step guide, check out our full Leviathan Raid walkthrough instead!

Even without getting into specifics, there are a few things to keep in mind while attempting to complete the Leviathan raid.

A.B.C.: Always Be Communicating with the rest of your fireteam. Even the slightest detail could be an important part of solving a puzzle or completing a challenge, so stay in constant contact with the other players around you.

Consider Every Angle. If you feel like you’re moving in the wrong direction, but the only other way to go is backwards, you may be thinking about the problem the wrong way. Take a moment to consider everything in your surroundings and see if there’s anything nearby that might prove useful.

Explore Every Nook & Cranny. There are tons of secrets to find throughout the raid, so don’t hesitate to take the time to do a thorough examination of each area you encounter.

Coordinate Weapon & Subclass Loadouts. Maintaining combat efficiency is a huge part of successfully completing each section of the raid. Make sure you and your fireteam have complimentary abilities and gear equipped to maximize not only the damage you do, but also how well you can aid your fellow guardians.

Below you’ll find a series of hints designed to help nudge you and your fireteam in the right direction throughout the Leviathan raid. For a full walkthrough, click here.

While you may find a larger welcoming committee than you expected, you need not fear – these enemies are on their best behavior… for now. Unless provoked, they’ll leave you alone as you make your way upwards.Spoiler – Click to see/hide

This is the first area where you encounter openly hostile enemies.

Find the Sun and rally it’s banners. You will face many champions who wish to reclaim their glory.Spoiler – Click to see/hide

Look to the ground to fulfill the Sun’s desire.Spoiler – Click to see/hide

You’d be wise to leave some friends at home, unless you want to retake this test.Spoiler – Click to see/hide

See our full Castellum encounter walkthrough for more details!

The Sun seal near the door, directly ahead of you when you first enter the Castellum, will display 3 symbols when stood upon. These correspond to three other seals around the area – kill enemies in these locations until you can collect the banner, then return it to the Sun seal. Make sure at least two guardians remain on the seal to prevent Cabal soldiers from reclaiming the banner and restarting the challenge!Spoiler – Click to see/hide

After you complete the Castellum encounter, your next endeavor will be surviving a visit to the Royal Pools.

You and your guardians will need to spend time in the bath to light the way.Spoiler – Click to see/hide

There are five ways to remain clean in the dirty bath, but four of them require constant attention.Spoiler – Click to see/hide

When the time is right, destroy the central mystic and his dark light to move forward. You may need to take another bath to fully cleanse this area.Spoiler – Click to see/hide

See our full Royal Pools walkthrough for more details!

Using the Psionic Protection orb buffs, stand on each of the four platforms in the corners of the pools and kill enemies. Guardians will need to rotate with one another to refresh their buffs and maintain pressure on the platforms. Once they’ve been stood on for enough time, kill the Psion that appears on the central platform and destroy the void-filled lanterns that have descended from the ceiling. Repeat this process until all nine lanterns are gone.Spoiler – Click to see/hide

You’ll need to revisit the Castellum to reach this next challenge (or will you?), but once you make your way into this third area you’ll find a lush garden to explore.

Collecting these two sparkling treasures will make your life much harder.Spoiler – Click to see/hide

Be vewwy vewwy quiet – it’s ”you” season… but not for long.Spoiler – Click to see/hide

You may take shelter from the beasts beneath the Crystal spawns – but not forever.Spoiler – Click to see/hide

Sneak the pollen to the plant and destroy the spore using a lighted crystal to earn a damage boost Spoiler – Click to see/hide

You’d be wise to only wound these beasts at first, as killing one will cut your time in the gardens short. Go in for the kill when they’ve all been sufficiently weakened.Spoiler – Click to see/hide

See our full Pleasure Gardens walkthrough for more details!

Defeat the six Royal Beasts before time runs out – remain unnoticed and place four pollen balls into a spore, then destroy it with a crystal from a pillar of light to gain damage bonuses. Wound but don’t kill the Beasts at first – killing one drastically reduces your available time to complete the challenge. Finish them off once all of them are near death.Spoiler – Click to see/hide

After completing the Gardens and fighting through the Castellum once more, you and your fireteam will move on to The Gauntlet.

Four guardians should guard a marked columns while the other two take the Centurion’s rewards for a run.Spoiler – Click to see/hide

Talking to your friends is fun. Why not do it while jogging around? Tell them what gates you see so they know which ones not to shoot.
Spoiler – Click to see/hide

When a runner passes through your gate, a new friend will appear. Kill them.Spoiler – Click to see/hide

Once you’ve gone around twice, everybody will want to leave. Pick up your shiny souvenirs and go for a group run… before you get yourselves killed.Spoiler – Click to see/hide

See our full Gauntlet walkthrough for more details!

After the initial wave of enemies has been dispatched, ending with a Imperial Centurion, two Psionic Charges will appear in the chamber. Four guardians should take position on each of the four pillars (marked with the double axes), while the remaining two collect the charges.

Those two will be teleported to the outer ring of the arena, and must run clockwise around the ring. As they approach each wall of holes they need to pass through, they’ll notice one of them is lit up. They should call that out to their teammates, who must then shoot the two rows without the lit circle. When they pass through a gate, a Counselor will appear – melee them to kill them quickly, then repeat this pattern one more time after both runners have returned to the center.

After completing both circles, all Guardians should take a Psionic Charge from the center and run the outer ring of the gauntlet to complete the challenge.Spoiler – Click to see/hide

After surviving the Gauntlet, your next and final challenge will be to confront whatever lies behind the doors of the palatial throne room.

To begin, interrupt the fat man’s bacchanal.Spoiler – Click to see/hide

When experimenting with a new point of view, consider that three of you might be better at skills in the physical realm than othersSpoiler – Click to see/hide

While three of you share a dark frame of mind, you may not all see things the same way.Spoiler – Click to see/hide

If there are four men, but only three have names, then one of them must not belong.Spoiler – Click to see/hide

When all are reunited, stand atop the light to end the reign of darkness.Spoiler – Click to see/hide

See our full Throne Room walkthrough for more details!

After the first wave of enemies has been defeated, four Councilors will spawn, each with a symbol above their head. Calus will then teleport six of you into another plane, where you must choose three Guardians to remain and three to return to the throne room. Send at least two of your more powerful team members back to the throne room.

In the “Astral Plane”, the three players will see different symbols appear above the giant floating head of Calus. They symbols will appear differently for each Guardian, but all three must relay which ones they see to the three who returned to the throne room. The ones in the throne room must then kill the Councillor whose sigil was not seen (while also defeating additional enemies and avoiding Calus.

Repeat this process four times to allow the Guardians in the Astral Plane to advance on the floating Calus head. When they reach it, it will belch forth skulls – shoot them to avoid damage and gain stacks of Force of Will, which will improve your damage against Calus when you return to the throne room.

When back in the throne room, stand on the pillars of light to do damage to Calus. Be warned, he has a solar attack that can cause your whole team to wipe, so pay attention to his arms – when he raises one, he’s about to detonate his solar blast. Continue to deal DPS and avoid these attacks until the Emperor falls.Spoiler – Click to see/hide

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