Don’t Miss a Single Kodama in Nioh’s First Region

In Nioh, you’ll find there are small tree spirits known as Kodama that inhabit the land. These peaceful green sprites are found at Shrines and offer blessings, but many more are lost throughout the land. There are a total of 150 Kodama to find, with 25 in each of the 6 Regions of Nioh.

In every Main Mission, there are a number of Kodama that are lost and need guidance. Upon finding one, you can tell it to go back to the Shrine, and it will add its powers to all Shrines in the region. Depending on the Kodama’s little hat, they may offfer one of several Blessings that will increase depending on the number of Kodama you have found in a region that share that hat color.

In addition, for every 5 Kodama you find in a region, you’ll be granted an additional Elixir that replenishes each time you visit a Shrine. The more you find, the better off you’ll be, especially when gearing up for a boss fight. Note that if you miss any Kodama, you can replay a level to search for those you left behind. Kodama cannot be found in Sub Missions, though they do lend their power to Shrines that are active – but cannot help in Twilight Missions.

You can find Kodama in the following missions located in the areas noted below:

There are 9 Kodama missing in the Isle of Demons mission

The first Kodama can be found on the first house on the left going up the hill from the water. To the right of the house is a small awning with a cart, and behind the cart lies the Kodama.

Along the forest path to the left of the Manor, look for a small path branching off right. This path has a left turn up a hill to a large tree, where a Kodama hides behind it.

Also on the Forest Path, after moving down left to the ladders back to the beach, continue up on the path and take a right to fight two Dwellers, and look beyond them for a Kodama sitting on a cliff ledge.

In the Manor on the hill, go right from the main locked door to find a path leading outside the Manor, and look left along the wall to find a Kodama hiding in the space between the wall and rocks.

After leaving the Manor through the main gate, and traveling down the path towards the next Shrine, look down to the left at the village below to find a ledge along the rooftops, where a Kodama is sitting at the end of the ledge.

After climbing the ladder up to the rooftops of the burning village, run across the rooftops to the second area of this village until you find a ladder in the middle of a home with an open roof. Look under the platform at the top of the ladder to find a Kodama hiding under the platform.

In the last area of the burning village, climb up to the two watchtowers and jump down from the watchtower with the ladder you can kick to the roofs below. Run to the edge of the large roof to a small awning next to the roof, where a Kodama is sitting on the lower roof awning.

After leaving the village behind and entering the beach where the ship is docked, head out into the shallows straight from the village exit and look left to spot a Kodama on a small rock at the edge of the shallows.

Once out on the beach near the ship the boss is in, look for a path to the right going back up to the village and the door to the previous Shrine. Move past the door along the ledge to the end where a Kodama sits on the very edge that borders the village.

There are 8 Kodama in the Deep in the Shadows Mission.

The First Kodama can be found upon retentering the caves from the cliffs where you come upon a large room of Outlaws. A side passage to the right leads to a room of opened chests, and the Kodama hides among them.

The next Kodama can be found in the room above – the large bandit room, but you need the Boss Key. To get it, head down the tunnel and take the first right into a small room with a Rogue, and defeat him to earn the key. Return to the entry room and go up to the locked door, where you’ll find the Kodama hiding behind the sleeping boss and his large chest.

You can find the next Kodama after leaving the caves and returning to the cliffs. Near the end of the cliff area after the Hot Spring, look for the first tunnel opening on the left to find a large chest, and the Kodama hides behind it.

After passing the second shrine and heading deeper into the caves, once you come to an area with glowing mushroom, head down the path until the path curves right and back down. Along the wall, move aside the glowing mushrooms left of a Skeleton Warrior to find the Kodama hiding among them.

After getting the previous Kodama, retrace your steps to an area with Dwellers and a side passage with a large chest where bats try and push you off a ledge. Drop down the ledge and head down this tunnel, looking along the left wall to find a Kodama hiding among more mushrooms.

Once you finally enter the large main cave from the top, look down to the left to find a ladder leading down a narrow ledge patrolled by a Giant Skeleton Warrior. Defeat it, and move past to the end of the ledge where the Kodama hides below a Shrine on a ledge above.

Once you’ve arrived at the bottom floor of the main large cave full of Yokai, hug the left wall moving down towards the boss area and duck into the first tunnel on the left to spot a Kappa demon hiding, Kill it and keep going down the path to a dead end with a grave site – the Kodama is in the small room.

The final Kodama is hiding behind the platform guarded by a large One-Eyed Oni. To get to the platform, look for a tunnel along the right wall before the Oni that leads up to a chest with a Dweller hiding behind it. Turn around from the chest to see the Kodama hiding along the wall.

There are 8 Kodama to find in The Spirit Stone Slumbers

Upon crossing the first two bridges in the mission, look for a large tree root coming up left from the island and forming a platform – the Kodama hides on the branches.

The second Kodama can be found after leaving the islands behind, and going straight to a large home with Ninjas inside. Check around the back of this building to find a Kodama next to a tree trunk.

Moving left from the building with the Ninjas, start heading towards the main road leading to the boss Nue, and look to the right of the road for a small closed building – between the porch and a fence there are crates you can break to find the Kodama.

Cross the road leading to the first boss to the other side of the main plaza, and move all the way to the far end where a One-Eyed Imp is hiding next to a tiny shrine looking structure. Behind this little shrine is a Kodama.

After defeating Nue, and speaking to Fuku – use the new gesture to get rid of the One-Eyed Imp, enter the room with the elevator but don’t go down. The Kodama here is hiding behind the elevator controls to the right.

The next few Kodama can be confusing due to the labyrinth nature of this area. When you begin traversing the firstt few passages, you’ll find a Dweller at the end of the hall that forces you to step on a trap. Keep going this direction until you come to a large hall with a Fiend and Dweller hiding behind a large stone block near the end of the room. At the other side of this hall, look past some pots to find a Kodama in the corner.

You can find the next Kodama after entering the large hall full of Sentries and Statues. Defeat the Fiend in the first part of this room on the left, and look in the corner by debris blocking a path to spot the Kodama.

The final Kodama can be found near the platform where you activate the eye to unlock all the doors. From the eye, return to the previous hall and look for a small alcove in the far right corner, that leads to a Kodama in a little cave.

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