Dragalia Lost Adventurer Tier List

Welcome to IGN’s Adventurer Tier List for Dragalia Lost. Below is a list of the best Adventurers in the game, with tips on how to use them.

This list favors units with strong team bonuses since Boss and Raid content seems to be where character selection matters the most at this point. This is an early list based on public opinion and personal experience, and is subject to change:


Lily (5*, Wand, Water)

Lily is Dragalia Lost’s newest 5 Star Adventurer and she is already showing how powerful she is in the new event content. Her Wand allows her to launch powerful attacks from a safe distance and gives her team +8% skill damage which is incredibly useful in co-op play.

Her Glacial Blossom and Frozen Gale abilities both deal massive AoE damage, and Glacial Blossom freezes without fail at all levels making it an amazing tool against bosses. 

To top it all off she gains a +13-15% strength buff when at full hp, and can obtain a 75% skill prep to deal some early damage and CC on boss enemies. 

Hildegarde (5*, Staff, Light)

Hildegarde isn’t the strongest attacker in Dragalia Lost, but she deserves special mention for her incredibly potent healing powers.

Her basic heal Radiant Savior restores health to all teammates and removes curses at higher levels. Her second ability, Sacred Guardian, places a life-saving shield on all teammates and heals them over time, perfect for those near death situations. 

Her abilities allow her to start a fight with her skills most of the way charged, and increase her healing as long as she keeps her health above 70%.

Ezelith (5*, Dagger, Fire)

Equipped with a strong weapon and powerful skills, Dragalia Lost’s most commonly seen 5 Star unit Ezelith is also one of its strongest. Her dagger allows her to move around and attack very quickly, and offers a +5% critical rate buff to all allies. 

Her basic skill Howling Meteor unleashes a series of fire attacks, and you are able to move during it. Her second skill, Brilliant Inferno, is the real star of her moveset, granting her a 10-15% strength bonus and reducing enemy defense for a short time. Coupled with her Broken Punisher ability (which deals bonus damage to enemies in break state) her ability to deal damage when enemies are down is incredibly high. 

Nefaria (5*, Bow, Shadow)

Nefaria is an all-around powerful DPS unit thanks to her Shadow typing, a good weapon, and strong debuff potential. Her bow lets her launch powerful arrow volleys from outside most enemy attack ranges, and offers all allies +8% skill haste. 

Nefaria’s entire skillset is built around inflicting blind, which renders enemies almost entirely useless for its duration. She can inflict blind with her force attacks thanks to her skill Twilight Punisher, then deal +25% more damage to those blinded enemies thanks to her Blinded Punisher ability.

At full HP her chance to inflict blind increases by another 50-60%, and she can cap it all off with her basic attack skill Night of Antiquity, a volley of shadow arrows that deal bonus damage to blinded units. 

Hawk (5*, Bow, Wind)

Hawk is another 5 Star bow unit that is strong for all of the same reasons as Nefaria, except he inflicts stun instead of blind. He has the same long range attack combos, and also grants +8% skill haste to allies. 

Just like Nefaria he can render enemies completely useless with his various stunning abilities, like Hunter’s Creed and Full HP= Stun+. His Savage Hawk ability is powerful line AoE that takes advantage of enemies in a stun state, along with his Stunned Punisher ability. 

His only downside is his Wind typing, which makes him less versatile than Nefaria against certain types. Still he is an incredibly powerful unit worthy of including on your team. 

EditHigh Tier

Mikoto (5*, Blade, Fire)

Mikoto is an incredibly powerful DPS unit that can deal big damage combos thanks to his high critical hit rate. He currently falls just short of Top Tier due to his need for some setup to reach potential and a kit offers little support to the team. 

Mikoto’s game plan is to enter stance using his Ravenous Fire AoE attack skill, activate his Kindled Heart attack rate buff, then unleash a string of powerful critical hits during his buff time. He can do this thanks to his HP 70% = Critical Rate+, Stun Res+, and Critical Rate +6% abilities all which make him a fearless attacker. 

Unfortunately, none of these skills offer a bonus for his team or a debuff on the enemy, so he is sort of a lone wolf when it comes to boss encounters. He does come equipped with the blade co-ability Strength +5% though, which is a nice boost to any team.

Maribelle (5*, Wand, Wind)

Maribelle is an all-around solid wand user that is unfortunately outclassed by fellow Wand user Lily. She offers the same great team bonus with her co-ability Skill Damage +8%, and even has two strong damage skills to boot.

However she is stuck with one of the less useful resistances (Bog) and she is very reliant on the boost from her Full HP = Skill Damage+ ability to reach maximum DPS. 

Xainfried (5*, Lance, Water)

Xainfried is a strong support unit that can buff your team’s strength and health. He falls in high tier due to what I would call an over-reliance on Dragon form and lack of focused DPS skills and abilities. 

Xainfried’s game plan is to enter Dragon form as often as possible to make use of his Dragon Time+ (extend shapeshift duration) and Dragon’s Claws (increase strength after every shapeshift). These are good abilities, but they also mean he requires a lot of setup to reach his true potential. His Dragon Frostfang is a strong AoE water attack, but doesn’t come with any extras. 

His Guardian’s Fury skill increases your entire team’s strength for 15 seconds, which is great for damage phases, but he is equipped with a Lance meaning he has the somewhat underwhelming HP +9% team ability, which doesn’t contribute damage needed to kill the bigger bosses in time. 

Xander (5*, Sword, Water)

Much like his fellow Water unit Xainfriend, Xander is a strong DPS unit that has an overreliance on setup to reach his potential. 

Xander’s gimmick is his strong force attacks. Not only does his Force Strike+ increase his force strike damage by 40%, he gains an addition 5-6% boost for every 3 enemies killed with force attacks. This means he can reach a massive power peak, but only after meeting the requirements. This doesn’t help much in Dragon Trials and Raids with scarce added enemies. 

He is equipped with two AoE damage skills, one of which (Majestic Tide) gains damage the more buffs Xander accrues. He is equipped with an all around good weapon in the sword, which offers the Dragon Haste +8% co-ability (which works great with his buddy Xainfriend!). 

Julietta (5*, Axe, Light)

Julietta is a strong tank unit that buffs up her team’s defense and can stand her ground in the face of powerful enemies. However, much like the other high tiers, she requires some setup to reach her true potential and has some underwhelming weak skills and abilities. 

Julietta’s basic damage skill is Impending Sky, a strong AoE Light ability that sadly gives no extra buffs or debuffs. Her second skills Glorious Guard beefs up her defense and can give her immunity to knockback, letting her stay in the fray much longer than other tank units. 

Her weaknesses come in the form of her abilities. Slayer’s Strength gives a 5-6% strength bonus for every five enemies defeated, which will take a long time and won’t be much use in a Dragon Trial or Raid. Last Recovery III gives you HP regen for 20 seconds when you drop below 30% health which is nice, but ideally you don’t want to drop that low anyways (and it only works once per quest so you can’t rely on it in a long battle).

She does come equipped with a good typing in Light, Poison Resist ability, and Defense +9% co-ability, but she is stuck with the slow axe weapon. 

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