Dragalia Lost Dragon Tier List

Welcome to IGN’s Dragon Tier List for Dragalia Lost. Below is a list of the best Dragons in the game, with tips on how to use them.

This is an early list based on public opinion and personal experience, and is subject to change:

EditTop Tier

Agni (5*, Fire)

Agni offers a massive 40% strength bonus to any Fire attuned adventurer he is paired with and deals big damage with his Devastation skill. 

Zephyr (5*, Wind)

Zephyr also gives a 40% strength buff to his Adventurer, as long as they are Wind attuned. He comes equipped with an amazing skill, Zephyr’s Wrath, which deals big damage and stun in an AoE. 

Leviathan (5*, Water)

Leviathan gives any Water attuned Adventurer he is paired with a 40% strength bonus, and his Tidal Stream skill has a huge range and inflicts bog. 

Phoenix (4*, Fire)

Phoenix is an interesting Dragon that I have seen get a lot of praise on other tier lists. She is a 4* unit, but still offers a 30% HP bonus to any Fire Adventurer. She also comes equipped with a unique skill, Regeneration Flame, that heals the entire party and gives them 15 seconds of HP regen. 

Phoenix earns her top tier spot due to her unique skills that give any Fire Adventurer a semi-reliable healing option and massive health boost. 

EditHigh Tier

Nidhogg (5*, Dark)

Nidhogg is a strong option for Dark attuned Dragon, offering a 20% strength and HP buff to any Dark Adventurer. His ability Total Eclipse deals AoE damage and blind. 

Jeanne d’Arc (5*, Light)

Jeanne d’Arc is a powerful light Dragon that gives any Light Adventurer a 40% HP boost. Her skill Saint’s Banner deals damage and raises party defense for 15 seconds. She lands in the high tier due to her lack of DPS focused skills. 

EditMid Tier

These Dragons are good options that are simply outclassed by the Dragons in the higher tiers. Use them as alternates or replacements if you can’t obtain the best in slot Dragons. 

Poli’ahu (4*, Water)

  • +15% HP and strength to Water Adventurer
  • AoE skill with a guaranteed freeze

Roc (4*, Wind)

  • +30% strength to a Wind Adventurer
  • AoE skill with a guaranteed stun

Ifrit (4*, Fire)

  • +30% strength to a Fire Adventurer

Lindworm (4*, Light)

  • +30% strength to Light Adventurer

Juggernaut (4*, Shadow)

  • +30% strength to Dark Adventurer
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