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This page contains the Mini Medal locations for Dragon Quest 11, including images, a description of how to get to the Mini Medal, and specific location information. This page is a work in progress — please check out our other collectibles sections, too:

EditDragon Quest 11 Mini Medal Locations

The Mini Medal locations below are listed roughly in the order by which you can collect them.

EditMini Medal #1

Heliodor Castle: Third floor balcony. In a barrel.

EditMini Medal #2

Dqxi 03-09.jpg

Heliodor: Go around the back of the house east of the church and use the crates to reach the ladder on the platform. Use that to reach the roof and cross the rope onto the church rooftop. Now if you look around with the camera, you’ll notice a treasure chest on a different roof in the distance.

EditMini Medal #3

Dqxi 03-10.jpg

Heliodor, Derk’s Shop: In a a pot on the second floor corridor.

EditMini Medal #4

Dqxi 03-14.jpg

The Manglegrove: Upon entering the woods, take a left (east) at the first fork in the path and continue to the end. The treasure chest with the medal is on the top ledge.

EditMini Medal #5

Dqxi 04-03.jpg

Hotto: In a treasure chest behind the house to the southwest of town.

EditMini Medal #6

Dqxi 04-10.jpg

Cryptic Crypt: Found in a treasure chest inside a small dead end room to the east of the dungeon.

EditMini Medal #7

Dqxi 05-02.jpg

Gallopolis Region: In a treasure chest at the desert area on the south edge of the map.

EditMini Medal #8

Dqxi 05-04.jpg

Gallopolis: In a treasure chest behind a house to the south of the church.

EditMini Medal #9

Dqxi sq 10-01.jpg

Gondolia: Reward for completing the quest An Even Lovelier Letter.

EditMini Medal #10

Dqxi 06-14.jpg

Grotta della Fonte: In a treasure chest by the wall on the left just before exiting the cave to the campsite.

EditMini Medal #11

Dqxi 07-06.jpg

Zwaardrust Region, Warrior’s Rest Inn: Exit to the balcony on the second floor and go around to the right to find this medal in a treasure chest.

EditMini Medal #12

Dqxi 07-09.jpg

Octagonia: At the bottom of the stairs that leads down to the shops, look at the side of the stairs for an alcove. Break the pot in here for the medal.

EditMini Medal #13

Dqxi sq 13-01.jpg

Octagonia: Reward for completing the quest The Shadow.

EditMini Medal #14

Dqxi 07-23.jpg

Dundrasil Region: Treasure chest behind the cabin Hero and Jade rest in after falling into the water while being chased by Heliodorian soldiers.

EditMini Medal #15

Dqxi 07-31.jpg

Puerto Valor: Rest in the Hotel Casino for the first time and the Slime will give you this medal the next day.

EditMini Medal #16

Dqxi 07-26.jpg

Puerto Valor:In the Hotel Casino. Check one of the rooms upstairs for a pot you can smash for this medal.

EditMini Medal #17

Dqxi 08-01.jpg

The Strand: In a treasure chest next to the hull of a shipwreck.

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