Dyson to invest £2bn to develop electric car

The engineering company’s battery-powered electric vehicle is expected to be on the roads by 2020, with a 400-strong team working to develop it.

Engineering giant Dyson has revealed plans to launch its own electric car by 2020.

The company is investing £2bn to make its battery electric vehicle a reality, and has compiled a team of 400 employees to work on the project.

The team is comprised of Dyson engineers and people whose backgrounds are in the automotive industry, some of whom the company has recently poached from the likes of Aston Martin and Tesla, according to Bloomberg.

In an open letter to the company’s employees, founder Sir James Dyson writes that it is “our obligation” to find a solution to “the world’s largest single environmental risk”: air pollution.

“Solve the vehicle pollution problem”

He cites a World Health Organisation (WHO) report, which details that in 2012 roughly seven million people died as a result of air pollution exposure, which was one in eight of the total global deaths that year.

Dyson adds: “Some years ago, observing that automotive firms were not changing their spots, I committed the company to developing new battery technologies. I believed that electrically powered vehicles would solve the vehicle pollution problem.”

Technologies such as digital motors and energy storage systems are already used in existing Dyson products, such as the Supersonic hair dryer and its range of cord-free vacuums.

Developing an electric car will give the company the opportunity to “bring all [its] technologies together into a single product”, says Dyson.

The car is expected to launch in 2020.

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