Elf & Elven Character Art Design Gallery

elf character Artwork by Konstantin Tamchenko
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A ton of work goes into character design. Concept artists who study character design get paid well and craft the characters you love from your favorite movies & games.

There are so many different character styles out there to pick from. One popular style is elven characters combining traits from a human with an elf. This can result in some pretty wacky character concepts. And I curated a huge list of the best(and wackiest) concepts into this elven character art gallery.

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Wood Elf Ranger

wooden elf ranger character artCreated by Olie Boldador

Elf Assassin

elf assassin characterCreated by Circus Painter


dark female elf designCreated by Devin YangArtStation

Dark Elf

dark elf character designCreated by Jackie Felix

Twin Swords

twin sword elf battle conceptCreated by Dustin PanzinoArtStation


time tapestry concept elf characterCreated by Andrea Tentori MontaltoArtStation

Elf Lady

forest elf lady characterCreated by Simon Tosovsky

Elves on the Hunt

elves forest huntingCreated by Erik Taberman


magician elf warriorCreated by Rafael TeruelArtStation

Evlen Story

elven story character artCreated by Naz Nemati

Elf Ranger

elf archer ranger characterCreated by Hua Lu

Elf the Deer Hunter

elf forest deer hunterCreated by Matej KovacicArtStation

Death Knight Paladin

death knight paladin character conceptCreated by Anton Zemskov

Velian Falleaf

elf hero velian conceptCreated by Ivan Sevic – Copyright © 2016 Red Wizard Hat LLC


green glowing orb elfCreated by Tess EisingerArtStation

Elf Archer

blonde elf archer character artCreated by Konstantin Tamchenko

Pause from the Hunt

elf hunting in the woodsCreated by Sam HoggArtStation

Night Elves Hunter

dark elf hunter cloaked armorCreated by Destiny Shiraishi

Elfic Warrior

dramatic elf warrior concept artCreated by Cau Ccinelle

Elf Rouge

elf rouge character conceptCreated by Irena Diptari

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