Every Collectible Location in Star Wars Battlefront 2

There are 10 collectibles to be found in the first three chapters (including the prologue) of Battlefront II’s main campaign.

These collectibles are found in square black equipment containers that can be sliced by your droid. If you need more context of where these collectibles can be found, please check out the individual walkthrough pages for a full breakdown of what happens before and what happens after to know exactly where to find them.

All collectibles are marked with a button prompt, letting you see them from a distance. Simply get as close as you can to the item, and press the prompt to let ID10 scan it into your collection.

There are three collectibles to find in the Prologue mission of the campaign.

The level’s first collectible can be found in the starting room, in the back right corner of the cell is a small crate you can access in droid form. Scan it to collect it.

Underneath the raised platform in the center of the power supply room is the level’s second collectible. Waiting for guards to separate and have their backs turned, make your way underneath the platform and scan the crate to add it to your collection.

Walk down the catwalk on your left, there will be a small area you can enter. Inside there is the level’s third and final collectible.

There are five collectibles to find in the mission, The Battle of Endor.

Under the belly of the destroyed walker is the level’s first collectible, an innocuous looking crate you can scan. Regroup with Meeko on the other side and begin following the path that leads up the hill.

Inside the bunker near the rebel patrol you ambush are a few goodies for your character, including the level’s second collectible.

Follow the path towards the rear of the downed shuttle. If you find a power cable, it’s the right path. That cable will lead to a nearby Imperial bunker. Slice into it and in the back is the level’s third collectible.

On the ground level behind the platform is a staircase that will lead up to the balcony of the platform. Underneath the staircase is the level’s fourth collectible.

Behind the crashed X-Wing on the back of the platform near the Tie Fighter you’ll escape in is the level’s fifth and final collectible.

There are two collectibles to find in the mission, The Dauntless.

Collectible 1/2: After boarding the Rebel capital ship, in the second room, just past the flaming X-Wing, is the level’s first collectible. It’s fairly well-hidden, in the upper right hand corner of the area just before the corridor. Get near it, and order ID10 to scan it into your collection.

The collectible here is in the same location as it was in the prologue – under the platform where the computers you’re trying to slice are. Simply scan the crate that’s marked with a prompt, and the level’s second and final collectible will be added to your collection. You can safely grab it before splicing the first computer, or before splicing into the second.

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