Every Goose Nest in Fortnite’s 14 Days of Challenges

14 Days of Fortnite Challenges|14 Days of Fortnite Challenges]] are not part of the Season 7 Battle Pass but are instead available to everyone as a holiday event. One challenge becomes available each day and we have the secret prizes and rewards listed for each challenge.

What are the rewards for each day? Our gifts table shows off the prize you receive when completing a certain challenge. You do not have to unlock them in a consecutive order, just complete the challenge for that day to get the reward! We’ll update this table as we discover each reward and there’s also a prize for completing all 14 challenges.

Start of join a Creative server (Day 1)[edit]

A fairly simple challenge aimed at getting players to try out the new Creative mode.

All you have to do is enter a lobby, whether it be through Battle Royale or the Creative mode itself, and change the game mode to Creative. Press play, hit the “Start A Server” option, and launch the mode. This should be enough for the challenge but you can always run into the gold rift to get to your island for safe measure.

Visit giant candy canes[edit]

Visit two of the four giant candy canes spread across the map. All of them are on hills so it’s best to aim for these at the start of the match! Use our map for the exact locations or check the list below:

  • Hill north of Frosty Flights
  • Snowy hill southwest of Fatal Fields
  • Northeast hill of Shifty Shafts
  • Hill north of Wailing Woods


Play matches with a friend[edit]

Another fairly simple challenge. Squad up and head into three different matches with a friend to unlock the throwable snowball. Take note that you cannot enter a match with a friend and immediately disconnect. You must either win the match or die normally.

Hit a player with a snowball in different matches[edit]

This one requires you to have already completed yesterday’s challenge where you unlock the snowball toy. Equip the snowball into your main emote wheel and throw it at another player during a match. No requirements on distance, just make sure you see the snowball explode when it hits another player. The challenge requires you to do this four times so you’ll have to play at least four matches.

Fly through golden rings in an X-4 Stormwing plane[edit]

Golden rings have appeared across the map and its your job to snatch a plane and fly through five of them. Planes spawn locations are pretty common and you can usually find them near the red tent buildings scattered across the map. If not, head over to Frosty Flights to make sure you get one.

We found a total of fifteen golden rings. See them all in the map above!

Search waterside goose nests[edit]

Goose nests have appeared near water locations all across the map. Your job is to find a search at least six of them. For each location, the nest should be very close to the water source. Many are also thrown underneath trees.

Use the map to find six of the nineteen locations!


Day 7 Challenge[edit]

Check back on December 25!

Day 8 Challenge[edit]

Check back on December 26!

Day 9 Challenge[edit]

Check back on December 27!

Day 10 Challenge[edit]

Check back on December 28!


Day 11 Challenge[edit]

Check back on December 29!

Day 12 Challenge[edit]

Check back on December 30!

Day 13 Challenge[edit]

Check back on December 21!

Day 14 Challenge[edit]

Check back on January 1!

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