Every Treasure Location in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

This page contains collectible treasure locations in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Collecting half of all treasures will unlock the Hardcore Treasure Hunter trophy, and finding them all will earn you Collector of Antiquities.

The first treasure you receive is in the Prologue as a tutorial: retrieve your Ganesh trinket from the girl in the market.

There is only one treasure to find in Chapter 01: The Insurgency.


After exiting to the roof of the building with the red door – when the fighter jet bombs the city across from you – head towards the tin shack next to the clothesline, to the left of the ladder you climb up to meet Nadine. Here you will find your first non-tutorial treasure.

There are 5 Treasures to collect in chapter two.


Before sliding down light cord (long grass tutorial), collect this treasure from the ledge of the roof under the shack with the crates to the right of the grassy area.


After sliding down the light chain and eliminating the guard, find this treasure inside the rooftop shed with the movable cart in it.


This treasure is lying underneath the second moveable cart, and can be retrieved before or after dropping the cart – and Nadine – through ceiling (oops).


After “how about we avoid crates,” and jumping to the base of the hotel via beam, you can find this treasure in back hallway to left of the purple-lit room full of 80’s computers on desks.


Next to the window wall in Asav’s loft (the “antique shop” room), behind the shelves directly across from where you take over after entering the room.

There are four Treasures to find in Chapter 3: Homecoming.


In the “Flamingo Convention” wading pool, find this treasure in the darker water beneath the largest rock formation, between it and the waterfalls.


After the ambush at the first Hoysala Gate (when you’re hooking up the winch), use one of the soldier’s grenades on weak wall at the top of the ruins to find this treasure.


After pulling down the first gate, follow the stream up and around a corner until you see some ruins built into the face of a cliff between two waterfalls. Walk past/through the trickle of water between them and into the small cave to find another treasure


Once you’ve taken out Asav’s men and opening the large gate leading to the Western Ghats, climb down from the mechanism control and rejoin Nadine in the jeep. Before driving forward, get out and collect from the alcove on the passenger’s side of the truck.

There are 19 Treasures to find around the open world of Chatper 04: The Western Ghats.


These treasures can only be found after unlocking the Queen’s Ruby, by collecting all 11 Hoysala Tokens. Once accessible, they can be found in the small ruin across from the entrance to the shrine.


This treasure can be found in the Lock Box at the base of the small tower across from the entrance to the Hoysala Token shrine housing the Queen’s Bracelet.


This one can be found at top of tower across from the one with the weapons crate – just south of Hoysala Token shrine entrance.


Find this trinket in the Lock Box lying in the bed of the truck outside the entrance to Shiva’s Fortress (the Axe marking on Chloe’s map).

      Drive through the cave in the pool at the base of the entrance to Shiva’s fortress (the Axe), stopping halfway through to collect this treasure.      

This treasure can be found at the top of the eastern side of the relief in the cliff wall where the Horse Token can be found, to the north-west of Shiva’s fortress (Axe).


Just south of the entrance to Shiva’s fortress is a small grove of trees, surrounded by red flowers with a small sculpted pillar next to it. Walk into the trees behind the pillar to find this treasure.


This treasure can be found under the vine bridge leading to the entrance to Halebidu.


Before crossing the vine bridge to the area exit, stop and climb the stairs next to the rocky canyon. Climb up the ruins and through the hole to find a treasure in the next room.


Tthis treasure can also be acquired in Chapter 6, but will count towards your total treasures for Chapter 4.


This modern treasure can be found in the Lock Box in the ruins housing the Lion Token, overlooking Parashurama’s fortress (the bow) and the lake on the west side of map from the North.


You can find this treasure tucked between the ruins and the stairs leading up to the central tower from the south-east.


In the muddy flats to the south-east of central tower, between line of the Tower and Ganesh’s fort (the trident), find this treasure on west end of the balcony on the half-sunken ruin, to the northern edge of mudflats.


Just east of the ruins where the Elephant Token can be found is a large statue of an elephant. Climb the south side of the statue and shimmy towards its head to find this treasure embedded in the elephant’s eye.


Follow the muddy hill next to the Serpent Token (w/ the bells) up to the top of the first waterfall, then cross over the top of the falls and follow the path along the cliffside.


The treasure is along this path, at the base of a tree next to a short sculpted pillar.


This treasure can be found next to the pillar on the rock formation by the river under the waterfall beside Ganesh’s fortress.


Use the mudslide on the opposite (north) side to slide down and jump onto the platform.


On the middle tier of waterfalls beneath Ganesh’s fortress (when approaching from the west), find this treasure on the rocky outcropping between the two falls.


Drive into the cave along the south wall of the waterfalls beneath Ganesh’s temple. On a large rock about halfway through the tunnel you’ll find this treasure.

There are six treasures to collect in Chapter 5.


This treasure can be found after entering the ruins, when standing across from giant statues in the starting area. Drop down to the broken green-and-white platform, then onto the rocky outcropping below you on your left. The treasure is in the grass and the end of this platform.


Before leaping to the porous wall to climb up and swing across the chasm to the first of the giant statues, drop down onto the landing that serves as the roof of the cave you (may have) walked through.


You’ll find a treasure on the ground next to a relief of Shiva.


After descending in to the cavern beneath the giant statues of Parashurama and Ganesh, collect this treasure from behind the elephant statue next to the top of stairs.


Crawling through the low tunnel just past the giant statue chamber, pick up this treasure from behind a rubble pile next to the wall on the left side of the room you exit into from the cramped passage.


After dropping down onto the pile of bones in the large chamber with the twin braziers – the “last stand” room – cross the walkway towards the open doorway. You can collect the treasure near the far-left wall of this facade, before climbing the steps to go inside.


This collectible can be acquired after the mudslide / APC gunfight & dropping down into the sacrificial chamber. When opening the door, you’ll find the treasure directly behind you where you landed

There are five Treasures to find in Chapter 6.


This treasure is found just past the relief depicting the Hoysala people entering the Gatekeeper (the “back door” conversation). It’s down the corridor to your right, in the alcove opposite the stairs continuing down into the ruins.


When arriving into the cavern with the trapped elephant, before sliding down the short hill at the top of the stairs, head into the brush on the left to find this treasure on the ledge above where you exited the low passage.


To the right of the staircase leading out of the elephant’s pool, collect this treasure from the toppled shrine near the waterfall’s edge.


While climbing out of caverns after your elephant encounter (up the stairs past Asav’s Lock Boxes), grab a treasure in the low passage you crawl through after the photo op on the rocky outcropping.


Immediately after collecting the previous treasure, swing across to opposite platform from the edge of the cave and collect another.

There are 16 treasures to collect in Chapter 7.


After the first combat encounter (w/ Heavy Gunners & RPG troopers), crawl through tunnels beyond the door.


When you reach other side, jump past the waterfall on your right to the climbable ledge and collect treasure from alcove, on the opposite side of collapsed tunnel you passed inside.


After ascending the face of the city entrance, there’s a treasure on the backside of the large shrine in the center of the courtyard, up the stairs past the Shiva statue.


After sneaking into the city, you’ll enter a room where two of Asav’s men block your path with another explosion. Collect this treasure from beneath the tree on left-hand side of the edge of the pool.


After swimming through tunnel into cenote, with the sunken aler with parrots on it, swim around the rocky outcropping on your left to find this treasure.

EditHandcarved Sheesham Breadbox


In the “library” room, you’ll find this treasure in an alcove on the left-hand wall, in the far corner from the entrance.


Also in the “library”, this treasure is resting on the floor at base of shelf in the back hall, near the far right corner.


After leaving the horn sculpture in the “library” room, move through the passage into the half-flooded chamber.


This treasure is underwater, across from the face of the building opposite where you entered.


After surfacing from underwater tunnel (where you and Nadine must move the roots), walk up path under sunlight, treasure near tree.

EditChalukya Griffin Candlestick


After swinging back across the half-flooded chamber, you’ll find this next treasure in the back-left corner of the pillared pool room, sitting being a pillar.


Once you reach the massive Shiva statue chamber, swim, walk and swim again to the large rocky outcropping on the opposite site of the room you entered from. Dive into the water behind it to find the treasure.


This treasure sits in the basin under the Bull relief in the Shiva statue chamber.


Run around the right side of the bottom level of the giant Shiva statue to find this treasure lying atop a pile of rubble.


After climbing the wall to the left of giant statue’s base, climb up the wall above alcove (at top of first climb point) to find treasure resting on fallen column.


From the wheel that moves Shiva’s lower-left arm, climb down to the stairs on the platform below you (overlooking the entrance). You’ll find this treasure resting on a column at the bottom of the stairs.


From the platform you land on from Shiva’s lower-right arm (below the device that controls the Trident arm) drop over the edge and climb down.


There’s a treasure on the balcony underneath you.


On the platform where you jump to Shiva’s trident, go to the opposite end of the platform.

There are eight treasures to find in this chapter.


On the cliffside overlooking train bridge at start of chapter, drop over the edge and shimmy past the boulder to your right to collect this first treasure.


After climbing through the narrow structure and watching the helicopter fly overhead, drop into the pool at the bottom of the fall to find the treasure underwater.


On the first mudslide, leading down to the waterfall, slide and grab the ledge on the left-hand side of the slide.

Climb up to find this treasure resting on a rocky outcropping.


After sliding down the water and using your hook to catch under the broken bridge, swing back and climb along the wall and head down to behind the large metal grate; treasure is in far right corner of the room.


After swing to the rock slides, where Sam is left w/o a rope and must borrow yours, before climing up to rejoin him and Nadine, drop onto the ledge overlooking the canyon and the train bridge.

Shimmy to your left and climb along to rock face using the moss-covered stones to find this treasure on the cliffside above you.


After the first Shoreline fight, when climbing back up after the rock slide – but before going up to grab Nadine/Sam’s rope – climb down to the platform below you (to your left after finishing the slide) to find a treasure.


After the railway cart/track switch section, when Sam drops the crate down to you, follow the cave he found it in to the platform you boosted him up to in the tunnel to find this treasure.


When approaching the train yard – before swinging across to the open window – use the rope anchor to descend a bit and swing backwards to the ledge underneath the platform you started on to find this treasure.

You can dangle over the edge of the platform and drop down to it as well, but the rope swing is a safer method.

There are three treasures to collect in the final chapter.


This treasure sits on the rear roof of the train’s caboose.


After climbing around and through the 4th train car, loop around to the front of the car before using the rope to swing to the next carriage.


Once you re-board the train (after the bit with the truck-mounted turret), make your way through the two blue/white passenger cars until your reach a red cargo carriage. Hug the wall on the left side of the boxcar to find this final treasure.

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