Exclusive Clip: A BAD IDEA GONE WRONG – These Guys Are Burglars?

Exclusive Clip: A BAD IDEA GONE WRONG - These Guys Are Burglars?

In the real world, home invasion is a frightening proposition, but in a funny new clip from A Bad Idea Gone Wrong, it looks like an amusing way to spend a little time with a couple of harmless fellows.

The film follows “two would-be thieves who arm the alarm system and have to break out of the house they just broke into. The discovery of a house sitter brings double crosses, sexual tensions, and wild discoveries that make their escape more difficult.”

Our clip sets that up nicely. More from the official statement: “This comedy won three awards on the festival circuit this year, including the Grand Jury Prize for Best Ensemble Cast at SXSW. Directed by Jason Headley, the film stars Matt Jones (Breaking Bad, Mom), Will Rogers (Bridge of Spies) and Eleanore Pienta (See You Next Tuesday).”

A Bad Idea Gone Wrong opens on November 30 via Freestyle Digital Media. Watch our exclusive clip as well as the trailer below.

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