Exclusive: ‘Red vs Blue’ Season 16 Trailer Introduces “The Shisno Paradox”


Earlier today, we brought you the trailer for the celebratory documentary Why We’re Here: 15 Years of Rooster Teeth which looks back on the company’s success since the early 2000s. The company itself is built in part on Red vs Blue, the company’s machinima-animated series featuring famous Halo characters that quickly became its own massive creation and started Rooster Teeth as we know it. Now, we’re thrilled to share the exclusive reveal of the trailer for Red vs Blue, which kicks off its 16th season on April 15th!

It’s kind of amazing to see how far Red vs Blue, and Rooster Teeth overall, has come in the last 16 seasons and 15 years. What started as a pretty focused battle between the title teams in Blood Gulch has become the longest running episodic web series of all time, winning over legions of dedicated fans as well as numerous awards. The story continues in “The Shisno Paradox” and you can get your first glimpse of it right here!

Take a look at our exclusive reveal of Rooster Teeth’s Red vs Blue Season 16 trailer below:

Red vs. Blue is back! A simple trip to lunch triggers an epic quest full of new enemies, allies, betrayals, and stuffed crust in… ‘The Shisno Paradox,’ available April 15 on Rooster Teeth FIRST!

Reds vs Blue returns with the opening chapter of a brand new saga. With the present and future in peril, the Reds and Blues only have one place to go…

And for a little extra bonus content, here’s the Season 16 teaser released by Rooster Teeth just a little earlier this month:

A reminder that Rooster Teeth FIRST is the company’s premium SVOD service, so you’ll want to go and sign up for it if you haven’t already in order to see the Red vs Blue Season 16 premiere as soon as it arrives!


Image via Rooster Teeth


Image via Rooster Teeth


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