Extraterrestrial Alien Creatures: A Concept Art Design Gallery

Alien Creatures conceptart Artwork by Milan Nikolic
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One of the biggest questions we all ask ourselves: does life exist on other plants?

Do they know we exist? Why haven’t they made contact?

What might they look like, and what kind of technology do they have?

Until aliens come to Earth and tell us this stuff we need Earth-dwelling concept artists to come up with out-of-this-world designs to try and answer these questions. Have a look at these examples for some brilliant alien designs & illustrations.

Alien Exosuit

alien exosuit sci-fi concept artCreated by Ed Lee Art

Green Alien

alien green creature concept artCreated by Nathan Lewis

Inner Being

alien creature cyborg space art illustrationCreated by Kelsey Martin

Alien General

alien mage general art illustrationCreated by Piotr Bystry

Alien Magician

alien character magican concept artCreated by Mariano Tazzioli

Fungal Alien Politician

alien character costume dress concept artCreated by Xander Smith

Alien Bug Mercenary

alien character mercenary costume concept artCreated by Xander Smith

Zombie Alien

alien creature zombie concept art illustrationCreated by Andrew “Boog” Faithfull


alien creature armor crocodile art conceptCreated by Taran Fiddler

Alien Queen

alien design queen character art conceptCreated by Luke Fitzsimons

Octopus Alien

alien creature octopus character art conceptCreated by Marina Tello

Sister Ark Alein Concept

aliens creatures monsters characters art conceptCreated by Jack Savage

Life On Mars

alien creature character art illustrationCreated by Ewelina Ogrodniczuk-Dzik

Alien Droid

alien droid sci-fi concept artCreated by Raymond Chen


alien creature monster sci-fi artCreated by Henry Kmiec

Alien Portrait

alien character portrait art illustrationCreated by Samantha “Alice” de Lemos


alien character art illustrationCreated by William Marchant

Monster Alien

alien character creature monster concept artCreated by Mark Kolobaev


alien character armor concept artCreated by Milan Nikolic

Alien Garden

alien creature garden flowers art illustrationCreated by Rodd Lopes


alien creature sword art sketchCreated by James Loy Martin


alien fantasy creature rider mount art conceptCreated by Edin Durmisevic

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