Fantasia 2018: Dare to Watch The Hardcore Trailer For Dennison Ramalho’s THE NIGHTSHIFTER

Fantasia 2018: Dare to Watch The Hardcore Trailer For Dennison Ramalho's THE NIGHTSHIFTER

Thanks to Brazilian director Dennison Ramalho I have long had an intense fear of high heels and nails ever since I was on a short film jury where I first saw his 2011 film Ninjas

If this brutal and hardcore trailer for his newest film The Nightshifter (formerly Among the Living) is anything to go by then audiences at the world premiere at Fantasia on July 17th are in for a very, very intense experience. 

Head up, this trailer is very NSFW due to violent and organic content. 

Stênio works the night shift at a morgue in a very large, very violent city. On the job, he sees cadavers in every conceivable state, often the victims of horrific gang warfare. While most would be rather unsettled by it all, Stênio is not. For the dead speak to him. Not in any metaphorical sense but in a very literal way. Stênio was born with an occult gift and while not everyone would be at ease conversing with mutilated cadavers on slabs, he has learned that there are endless secrets that can be gleaned this way. Related to crime. To prosperity. One day he learns a terrible secret about people in his own life. He commits the sin of acting on knowledge obtained from the dead, cursing himself and those dearest to him in the process.

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