Fiery Volcano Environment Concept Art Gallery

Volcano concept art Artwork by Samma van Klaarbergen
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The sky goes dark and the earth rumbles. Suddenly a mountain peak on the horizon explodes in a chaotic cloud of molten lava and ash.

Volcanoes are found all over the globe and they’re steeped in mythology.

They’re also a great addition to any tribal or fantasy world. Here are some examples of some red-hot volcano concept environments that’ll make you want to run for cover.


volcano eruption lava art illustrationCreated by Filipe Pinto

Volcano God

volcano earth god evil steam art illustrationCreated by Filipe PintoArtStation

Lava Tower

lava brige tower fire volcano concept artCreated by N2 Chinz

Dagoth Ur Dominion

dagoth ur red mountain morrowind volcano lava artCreated by Alfred Khamidullin

Sadist’s Monastery

volcano lava sinister monastery concept artCreated by Zack Cy


lava fishing mill dwarf fantasy concept artCreated by Michael Kingery

The Core

lava lake volcano alien spacecraft artCreated by Chris Hawkes


lava lake undertale game hotland machine artCreated by Samuele Latino

Volcano Junkyard

volcano lava junkyard magma concept artCreated by Derek McCaughan

A Burning Cave

cave lava dragons fire concept artCreated by Erin Lin

Pirate Island

island sea volcano chest jungles art illustrationCreated by Raphael Maaden

Volcano Planet

volcano planet sci-fi concept art illustrationCreated by Lee b


volcano planet lava dark sci-fi concept artCreated by Dominique van Velsen

Volcano World

volcano lava rider dark fantasy concept artCreated by Patryk Meszynski


volcano lava settlement fantasy concept artCreated by Patryk Meszynski

Volcano’s Party

volcano lava rocks mountains art illustrationCreated by Naomi Roy

The Gathering

lava cult underground temple cloak art illustrationCreated by Max FieveArtStation

Lava Fortress

volcano lava fortress magma fantasy art conceptCreated by Guilherme Batista

Volcano Skull Island

volcano lava island skull rock art conceptCreated by Liew Vinson

Ghost Graveyard Volcano

volcano lava dark ghost graveyard concept artCreated by Wes NoyesInstagram

Volkan Rising

volcano lava dragon creature castle concept artCreated by Dani Haynes

Snowy Volcano

volcano lava mounts snow concept artCreated by Jean-baptiste Maligne

Fury Of The Volcano

volcano lava rocks art illustrationCreated by Samma van Klaarbergen

The Journey

volcano lava skull giant adventure concept artCreated by Luke Clough

Volcano City

volcano lava city clouds sci-fi concept artCreated by Chris Goff

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