Find Every Photo Op in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

This page contains Photo Op locations, a type of collectible in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

Many Photo Ops can be found along the main path of each story chapter, but some require some more diligent hunting to track down.

The tutorial will have you take a photo of the military truck at first market stall in the opening sequence.

Immediately at the start of the chapter, take a photo of Asav from next to Lotus Hotel sign.

There are three photo ops in Chapter 3.

The first is on the right side of chapter’s starting platform.

Before driving the jeep over the lip of the pool and sending all the birds flying away, snap this photo on the L ridge overlooking the birds.

After eliminating Asav’s men outside the large gate, make your way to the base of the central rock cluster. This Photo Op is in the shallow water, looking up towards the gate & ruins.

There are nine Photo Ops to find in Chapter 4.

At chapter start, on ledge next to jeep overlooking waterfalls below Parashurama’s fortress

The Hoysala Token shrine entrance, look across the ravine and take a photo of the Monkeys around the ruins.

Again in the Token shrine, after retrieving the bracelet (by collecting the 11 Hoysala Tokens) and following the path through the door to the ruin w/ the treasures, snap this pic of Nadine interacting with the local wildlife from the lower platform across from where you initially photographed the monkeys from the entrance.


Turkey Token location (South of the bridge leading to the central Tower), after climbing through the exploded wall vault over the stone wall and stand next to the statue w/ the trident.

On the ledge across from Parashurama’s Fortress, on the other side of the lake beneath the tower.

While inside Shiva’s fortress, snap this photo on the overlook after the 1st bouncing platform / statue puzzle chamber.

On the rock in the center of the mud flats, looking up the falls towards Ganesh’s temple

In the grove of trees to the S/W of the Horse token location, looking back towards the waterfall below the ruins.

By the elephant below Parashurama’s Fortress

There are four photo ops in Chapter 5.

Beneath statues, on the bottom ledge of the cliff, after swinging around from the starting area.

When you reach the top of Ganesh’s axe, after the brief cutscene, turn back and take a photo of Nadine before jumping off and swinging around the statue’s head.

after descending into the cavern w/ the two huge statues, it’s on the platform just below the one you land on.

After returning to the starting area (near the gate), head back down the path you initially took to reach the old city – there’s a photo op looking at the waterless dam.

There are two Photo Ops to find in Chapter 6.


After exiting the cavern with the elephants, head up the stairs and past the Lock Boxes Asav’s men left on the landing. Climb the rock face and jump to the platform to your left (with the small totem/shrine) to find this photo op.

There are seven Photo Ops to find in Chapter 7.

NOTE: The tracker in the Chapter Select menu indicates that there are only six Photo Ops in Chapter 7 – this is incorrect, though it seems as if one of the photo ops may be optional – we’ll update with more information soon!

Right at start of chapter, snap a pic looking up at the entrance to the city.

After swimming through tunnel, it’s at base of staircase – while standing below the “royal bards” relief.

After finding Horn statue, in first chamber past “library”

Top of the “way back in” wall

Inside flat pool room

In the massive chamber housing the statue of Shiva, find this Photo Op in the shallow water in front of the statue’s base.

After handing nadine the prism from the broken statue. Note that you can only take this picture once – the option will not appear in subsequent playthroughs.

After the post-shoreline fight rock slide, snap a pic of the train bridge from the rocky outcropping.

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