Fortnite: Every New Cosmetic Item in Season 3

Fornite Battle Royale is now in Season 3 and with it comes another round of new outfits, gliders, and more. See every new cosmetic item and skin from Season 3 below and check out our Battle Pass Rewards in Season 3 page for the full list including new emotes, banner icons, and how to unlock them.

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Rainbow Rider Carbon
LV15 (Battle Pass) LV39 (Battle Pass) Win a match during Season 3
Sawtooth Eva Trusty No. 2
LV7 (Battle Pass) LV46 (Free Pass) LV79 (Battle Pass)

EditSkydiving Trails

EditBack Bling

Precision Astro Dark Matter
LV22 (Free Pass) LV47 (Battle Pass) LV71 (Battle Pass)
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