Fortnite Mobile Updates Include Voice Chat, Android Release

Optimize your mobile controls.

Epic has revealed a number of updates headed to the mobile version of Fortnite, including the already released customizable HUD options and a release window for an Android version.

Voice chat is headed to mobile to allow you to communicate with teammates, even if you’re playing on a different platform. An on-screen button to mute yourself and other players is also planned.

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The customizable HUD options allow you to rearrange and place the various on-screen buttons however you like. Buttons can be resized and their visibility can be altered as well. This change has already been implemented and was released in the most recent update.

Other improvements include a Battery-Saver mode that improves performance on lower graphical settings along with a reduced installation size and lighter patches. Stat tracking is also headed to mobile, but this feature is aimed for a summer release. Quality of life changes for controlling the Autorun and additional options for ways to fire are also in the works.

An Android release for the mobile version of Fortnite is still on its way and is scheduled to release in the North American summer.

Players have responded to the this week’s patch update and are suggesting ways to change the Damage Trap nerf. See our Rubber Duckies locations and Week 3 challenges tips and map page and other Fortnite guides and tips on IGN’s Fortnite wiki.

Michael Koczwara is a freelance writer who has been patiently waiting for the Android release. Follow him on Twitter and YouTube.

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