Fortnite Snobby Shores Treasure Map

Weekly challenges have been added to Season 3 of Fortnite Battle Roayle and this page shows you how to complete and unlock all the Week 3 challenges. These were made available on March 8, 2018 and the reward for completing all seven challenges is 4000XP.

EditHarvest building resources with a pickaxe

Collect 3,000 materials from demolishing buildings. You can get material from just about anything, but you’ll want to look out for specific objects as they give out a ton more material per hit.

For wood, stick to the trees. If you find one of those flat wooden crates, those give a lot of bonus wood. The trees in Moisty Mire give a surprising amount as well.

For brick, the larger stones you see outside often give you 50 brick.

For metal, the cars and trucks are the way to go but they are also extremely noisy.

EditDeal damage with Suppressed Weapons to opponents

Inflict 500 damage on enemies with suppressed weapons. Use any of the weapons below to add to this challenge. See our full list of weapons here.

EditSearch Chests in Junk Junction

Open seven different chests in Junk Junction. This little factory is located on the southwestern corner of the map. The chests here a little more unique than your typical chest spawns – here are a few to keep an eye out for:

  • On top of the toilet test room.
  • On the stairwell in the east building.
  • Inside the bed of a truck.
  • In the small garage in the outdoor lower levels.
  • Along the toilet conveyor belt.
  • Inside the cargo crate on the west side.

For a look at all the chests in Junk Junction, check our interactive map for the locations – and help us add any we missed! Remember, not every chest will spawn each match!

EditLand on different Bullseyes

Land in seven of the locations marked with red when you jump out of the bus. As fly down, you’ll see red pulsating rings in specific locations around the map. In order for it to count, you must glide and land within the red ring.

Use our map to see the locations of all 25 bullseyes.

EditFollow the treasure map found in Snobby Shores

There’s a hidden token on the map and the treasure map in Snobby Shores will lead you to it! Head inside the security room in front of the north most house of Snobby Shores to find the treasure map on the wall. The token is supposed to be in a valley between two mountains. 

Well, those mountains are located in quadrants B4 and C4, meaning the token can be found in the bottom left corner of quadrant C4. This is north of the soccer stadium and south of Pleasant Park.

If you need a map, use the one above!

EditCrossbow Eliminations

Take out a single enemy with the Crossbow. Ah yes, the Crossbow, the weapon we use proficiently and always love to keep around. Remember that this weapon has bullet drop like a sniper, but it travels much slower. It’s also a lot quieter, so use that to your advantage.

To clear up any confusion, you must eliminate the player with crossbow. That means that if they are knocked out and crawling, you still need to finish them off with the Crossbow for it to count. This means that if you’re going up against a team, you can knock them out with whatever weapon you like and finish them off with the Crossbow.

EditEliminate opponents in Salty Springs

Defeat three enemies in Salty Springs. Finding people to take down should not be too hard. Many will be trying to complete this challenge so expect Salty Springs to be a little more populated than normal.

Consider grabbing a weapon and try to get the jump on someone before they can react or even get a weapon themselves. You don’t need to get all three kills in on go, they can be spread out across multiple matches.

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