Friday One Sheet: Robert Eggers’ Cursed Animal Series Continues With THE LIGHTHOUSE

Friday One Sheet: Robert Eggers' Cursed Animal Series Continues With THE LIGHTHOUSE

A24 recently put out a new poster for this loopy, horrific, sad, entertaining, difficult, oddly-aspect ratio’d, actors workshop of a period horror, The Lighthouse. The poster is a direct nod to Robert Eggers’ previous period horror picture, The VVitch, which favoured a cursed sheep, and a cursed raven.

Here we have a seagull with its eyes gouged out. It is a striking, minimal, image – in that is evocative of a novel cover as much as it is a movie poster. It is aimed at an audience who probably knows what they are in for with the film, but that is not necessarily a terrible thing. The multiplex could use more of these kinds of images hanging up (or increasingly so, projected from portrait oriented screens) in their lobbies.

No credit block or pull quotes. It is an odd thing, indeed, for a studio to put out a teaser-style poster AFTER the film has done its global festival loop and is ready to bow for commercial release, which no coincidentally is today. But here we are. It is a good one, nonetheless.


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