Frontières@Fantasia 2017: UNTOLD HORROR Signs to The Wolper Organization at WBros

Frontières@Fantasia 2017: UNTOLD HORROR Signs to The Wolper Organization at WBros

The first official announcement of a co-production deal came on the final day of the Frontieres Co-Production Market here in Montreal at the Fantasia International Film Festival. After a couple days of showing off some finished footage and hosting a panel discussion this afternoon with filmmakers to be featured in their series, the lads behind the television series Untold Horror have signed on with The Wolper Ogranization at Warner Bros. 

Untold Horror, the in-production docu-miniseries featured in the 2017 Frontières Buyers Showcase for works-in-progress, has been signed to The Wolper Organization at Warner Bros.  The Canadian production has entered into an exclusive agreement with the Los Angeles-based company to represent and develop the show. Executive Producer Mark Wolper will work in collaboration with Executive Producers Tim Sullivan of New Rebellion Entertainment, Garo Setian of Hungry Monster Entertainment and Allen Copeland.

Untold Horror was created by host/writer/producer Dave Alexander (former editor-in-chief of Rue Morgue magazine) and writer/producer Mark Pollesel. With additional partners director/producer Bob Barrett and editor/animator/producer Kevin Burke, the documentary series officially debuted as a selection in the 2016 Frontières film market. Dedicated to exploring the greatest horror tales almost told, Untold Horror will uncover the fascinating stories behind these stillborn films – as told by the legends who tried to get them made, reveal truths about the often tortured relationship between art and commerce, and find out what it would take to bring some of them back from the dead.

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