Frontières@Fantasia: Second Wave Announced. Making The Move to Feature Length And a Focus on Female-Driven Projects in Canada.

As the Fantasia Film Festival gets ready to roll out it’s twenty-first edition so does the Frontières co-production prepare for it’s ninth edition. We announced the first wave of titles the other week and quick on its heels has the second wave come. 

A quick survey of the second group of ten directors in this wave reveal lot of the directors below are looking to make the transition from the short film format or away from television work to make their feature films. 

We have also been informed that though we will not have the project descriptions until the market begins that this second wave of projects are very horror-heavy and dark. I do know a fair bit about L Gustavo Cooper’s project The Home so I know what great films have influenced that project as it has developed from the proof of concept we have written about for a while (which you will also find on Shudder now – PLUG!). Yes, I am well aware there may be a bias there. 

Also note that there will be the Directed by Women: Pitch & Networking Session, which I am eager to find out more about and will cover while at the festival this year. The session features seven upcoming projects from female writers and directors from here in Canada. Awesome! 

So there is lots to cover at the Frontières co-production market this year. Stay tuned. 

MONTREAL, THURSDAY, JUNE 15 2017 – After a highly successful Frontières Platform at the Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes,  Frontières returns to the Fantasia International Film Festival for the ninth edition of its co-production market, which will take place July 20–23 in Montreal.

Frontières connects North America with Europe in an environment specifically focused on genre film production and financing. Frontières marks its return to Fantasia with an expanded project line-up that includes a new initiative focused on female-driven early development projects, the Directed by Women Pitch & Networking Session. This new event will feature seven Canadian projects pitched by up-and-coming female writer-directors, and is presented in collaboration with Telefilm Canada & Women in Film + Television Vancouver.

Following the announcement of a first wave of projects, Frontières is pleased to announce an additional 10 projects in the official line-up from a strong cross-section of experienced and emerging directors and producers from across North America and Europe. This selection includes new projects from producers Taylor Hackford (RAY, THE DEVIL’S ADVOCATE), Mike Macari (THE RING), Mark Lwoff (CONCRETE NIGHT), Alix Taylor (IN A VALLEY OF VIOLENCE, MANIAC), and producers Adam Hendricks, John Lang, and Greg Gilreath (LUCKY).

These projects join a line-up of previously announced titles from the legendary George A. Romero (NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, DAWN OF THE DEAD), director/writer Blaine Thurier (LOW SELF-ESTEEM GIRL, indie rock’s THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS), producers Titus Kreyenberg (I AM NOT A WITCH), Caroline Piras (AUX YEUX DES VIVANTSAMONG THE LIVING), the team behind I SELL THE DEAD and the live radio drama TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE, Larry Fessenden and Glenn McQuaid with writer Clay McLeod Chapman (THE BOY); and the team behind LFO & ROBIN, director Antonio Tublén and producer Alexandre Brondsted.

Frontières@Fantasia 2017: Second Wave of Projects


Director: Craig Goodwill 

Writer: Stephen Susco

Producers: Taylor Hackford, Mike Macari, Craig Goodwill


Director/Writer: Rick Spears

Producers: Adam Hendricks, John Lang, Greg Gilreath (Divide/Conquer)

THE CLEANER (Netherlands)

Director/Writer: Jan van Gorkum

Producers: Jan Doense, Herman Slagter (House of Netherhorror)


Director: L. Gustavo Cooper

Writer: Peter Cillela

Producer: Alix Taylor


Director: Henry Scriven

Writer: Raymond Friel

Producers: Sara Huxley, April Kelley (Mini Productions), Colin Day (Rickshaw Entertainment), Eddie Dick (Makar Productions)


Director: Yves Simoneau

Writer: Pierre Revelin

Producer: Yves Simoneau


Director: Saara Saarela

Writer: Ilja Rautsi

Producers: Misha Jaari, Mark Lwoff (Bufo)


Director/Writer: Daniel M. Caneiro

Producers: Pedro Palacios, Luis Ferrón (LaCima Producciones)


Director: Rosie Toner

Writers: Rosie Toner & Jonathan Barraclough

Producer: Kathy Speirs (Up Helly AA LTD)

VFC  (Canada)

Director/Writer: C.S. Roy

Producer: Stéphanie Morissette, C.S. Roy (La Maison de prod)

Directed by Women: Pitch & Networking Session

Presented by Telefilm Canada & Women in Film + Television Vancouver


Director/Writer: Mariel Scammell


Writer: Samantha Loney


Director: Elza Kephart

Writers: Patricia Gomez Zlatar & Elza Kephart

Producers: Patricia Gomez Zlatar (Head on the Door Productions) & Elza Kephart (Midnight Kingdom Films)


Writer: Elle Wild (based on her novel)


Director/Writer: Melanie Jones


Director/Writer: Gada Jane

Producers: John Orpheus, Atlin Mitchell (Velvet Icons Productions)


Writer: Bridget Canning

FRONTIÈRES is organised by the Fantasia International Film Festival, in partnership with the Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes, and is co-funded by the Creative Europe MEDIA programme of the European Union. Frontières 2017 is made possible thanks to our major partners: the Netherlands Film Fund, Wallimage, the Nordisk Film & TV Fond, Telefilm Canada and SODEC.

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