GAMBIT Film Will Be A “Romantic Comedy” According To Producer Simon KinbergGAMBIT Film Will Be A “Romantic Comedy” According To Producer Simon Kinberg

GAMBIT Film Will Be A "Romantic Comedy" According To Producer Simon Kinberg

When you think of films in development hell, Gambit is a perfect illustration of that. However, now that Gambit will reportedly be going into production, more insight is coming along.

Until the Disney/FOX deal completely goes through, it seems apparent FOX will continue to make their Marvel branded movies until someone says stop. Well, Gambit seems to be one of the items on their to-do list. Known for being in a lengthy development process, Gambit is supposedly going to start filming early next year.

Which means more news tidbits will be coming out every so often. Producer Simon Kinberg spoke with IGN about this film and what to expect…

“When you look at Gambit, he’s a hustler and a womanizer and we just felt like there was an attitude, a swagger to him, that lent itself to romantic comedy,” He continued, “You know, when I say romantic comedy, I use that term loosely, in the same term that I use the term western for Logan loosely,”

Kinberg said. “It’s not like they’re gunslingers at high noon in Logan. It’s just a vibe. And I would say the vibe of Gambit has a romantic or sex comedy vibe to it. While it is also still very much a superhero movie with villains and heroes, as all these movies are.”

Well, what could possibly go wrong? Sarcasm aside, it seems this film could very well come out in theaters at some point. No set release date at the moment, but the wheels are starting to move. 

Are you up for a Gambit solo film? Or is this something you couldn’t care less about? Leave your thoughts down below.

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