Haroon Mirza & Francesca Fornasari, feat. Nik Void & Tim Burgess at Production LiFE, Saint‐Nazaire, France

Installation view of “hrm199: Haroon Mirza & Francesca Fornasari, feat. Nik Void & Tim Burgess:
/\/\/\,” 2017, at Production LiFE, Saint‐Nazaire, France, an off‐site program by Le Grand Café, Saint‐Nazaire, France.


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Today’s show: “hrm199: Haroon Mirza & Francesca Fornasari, feat. Nik Void & Tim Burgess:
/\/\/\,” is on view at Production LiFE in Saint‐Nazaire, France, through September 24. The exhibition, which is curated by Sophie Legrandjacques and coordinated with Le Grand Café contemporary art center, presents a new collaborative commission by the British-born Mirza, under the name of his studio, “hrm199.”

An excerpt from an announcement for the exhibition:

What is hidden behind this enigmatic title of six forward slashes and six backslashes? Has Haroon Mirza coded his message in ASCII ([aski:]), an information coding standard that appeared in the US in the 1960s? That would be a red herring; the zigzag form in fact relates to astrology. It is the typographic interpretation of the sign of Aquarius, the water carrier, and translates an undulating movement as a geometric version of a wave. Here, the artist is referring to the Age of Aquarius, characterised by the importance of progress, scientific thought and critical reason. According to some astronomical calculations, the great periods of our history are determined by the alignment of the sun with one of the constellations of the zodiac, each “age” lasting around 2160 years. So we would now be at the point of leaving the Age of Pisces, a period dominated by religion and belligerence, and entering the Age of Aquarius, which is characterized by the importance of progress, scientific thought, critical reason and which would be an epoch of rediscovered harmony.

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